Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How worthless is the GOP in the US House?

Whether advocating impeachment or not, taking it off the table completely is as unutterably stupid as Obama taking military options off the table in Ukraine, or Iraq or Syria.

And the reaction of our enemies is the same in both cases.

By publicly renouncing the military option, both the House AND the moron-in-chief show how weak and vacillating we are.

When the community organizing idiot in the White House sent that message, it was the equivalent of an engraved invitation to Putin to do whatever he wants.

When the moron Speaker unnecessarily comes out and babbles that impeachment is off the table (Although we all know that Obama would be convicted in any fair court, from the court of public opinion on up of multiple high crimes and misdemeanors) that's an engraved invitation to that simple idiot in the White House to continue to use the Constitution of the United States as his own personal roll of toilet paper.

With morons like Boehner and Herrera in Congress, really: what the hell difference does it make to elect Republicans?

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