Monday, July 28, 2014

Wasting more billions to "fix" the VA.

The problem?

This won't "fix" anything, but it will increase bureaucracy, ultimately cost those of us who were promised "free health care, from the tip of our toes to the top of our heads for life" even more money while doing nothing to hold anyone accountable.

It will blow an additional $12 billion hole in the deficit (What's another $12 billion in a $17 trillion dollar ocean?) with only $5 billion in cuts to make up for it.  They SHOULD be able to fix these issues with the $140 Billion or so they got for FY 2013

It won't recover a dime from the VA upper management who outrageously received substantial bonuses despite their non-performance and the deaths of veterans who were the victims of a system run amok.

It will, once again, send the message that people who are not directly needed to support this Administration... specifically, veterans no longer serving... are dogs to be petted when they occasionally bark... but not to be fed as we veterans, euphemistically, starve to death.

You want to see the VA system get squared away in a hurry?

Force the upper echelons of government, including the president and Congress, and their families to use the VA system for their health care.

Imagine, for example, where Jaime Herrera's daughter would be if she had been reduced to reliance on the VA?  (And this is just another of the dozens of issues confronting the district where this ignorant twit does nothing, says nothing and typically, accomplishes nothing.)

6 days ago, I spent 6 hours in the Portland VA emergency room waiting to get 2 stitches in a forehead cut.

My wife, who has the patience of a saint about these matters sat their cordially despising a system that dehumanized those of us who now are forced to rely on it thanks to the worthlessness of Obamacare, looked at me and asked: why don't they have an urgent care clinic in Vancouver?  Why don't they have an ER in Vancouver?


Because our government, our Congresswoman, our two Senators; including the oh, so, powerful state cow, Patty Murray; have done nothing and are doing nothing to address these issues.  They have done nothing and are doing nothing to address the now million-file backlog of disability claims that the liar-in-chief swore up and down he would fix as a part of the series of lies he uttered to scam enough people into believing him so they'd vote for that scumbag.

Precisely none of these issue will be adequately addressed by this bipartisan, abysmal failure of government.

My fellow veterans will continue to die as they wait for an appointment, senior management will continue to act based on what's best for their bonus instead of what's best for their charge, the veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States.

This is the art of practicing "bright, shiny object" politics, the overt effort to cause the constituency to BELIEVE something is being done... when, in fact, NOTHING is being done.

It's like a Herrera press release that makes you THINK she's against the CRC without stopping to wonder: if she's so against it... then why hasn't she done something about it?

It is the institutional policy of confusing motion... with action.

Veterans died because of the VA.  Those who caused their deaths should be treated like any other criminal.  They should indicted, tried and if guilty, be convicted and spend serious time in prison... instead of getting away with it... like they have to date.

Small comfort to the families of those who, like me, are forced to rely on this system based on the lie that was put in the form of a promise... until we all signed on the dotted line.

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