Friday, July 28, 2017

RINO Senators fiddle while the GOP burns.

For months now, I've been pointing out that both the Washington State Senate and the US Senate are dominated by RINOs who only bear a faint, passing resemblance to Republicans who have stolen the label merely to defraud the voters into voting for them.

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Locally, this has been proven repeatedly when the RINO Republicans of the state senate betrayed us for literally billions of dollars over two years in gas taxes/tab fees/property taxes, and now, are reduced to political fear tactics in a desperate attempt to scam us into voting for a Republican leftist in the 45th district's special election this November (we HAVE to support her... otherwise, we'll get a state income tax!) so they can continue their new custom of lying and betraying us as if they were all voting as if they were closer to the politics of a Jim Moeller.

Nationally, there isn't a single Republican senator who did not run on a platform of repealing the hated Obamacare.  And many times, back when it didn't matter, they ALL voted to repeal it, knowing that if such a bill were to survive through both the House and the Senate, that Obama would veto it.

Since President Trump's election and up until now, Congress has acted like they'd never heard of Obamacare; had no idea what it was or how to repeal it.

Never mind that they've had the better part of SEVEN YEARS to plan for the repeal.  Never mind that both the House and the Senate have voted... repeatedly... to repeal Obamacare during the Obama Administration.

Now, all of a sudden, these fake Republicans are acting like the worst law this country has ever known... a law that ONLY democrats voted for... shouldn't be deleted from the entirety of our hard drives.  They fuss and bitch and moan... and who are they?

Never Trumpers like McCain and Graham and that ilk who are SOOOO angry that Trump took out their buddy Little Jebbie... and made the lot of them look like idiots when they'd claim he had no chance of winning.

So now, they're willing to throw everything... and everyone... under the bus to keep repeal from happening...NOT because it SHOULDN'T happen, you understand, but because President Trump WANTS it to happen... and they live to keep his agenda from ever seeing the legislative light of day.

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McCain trashes Obama for the Transgender issue, and Trump for ending it.
How many times did their fellow RINOs tell us that we needed to take the House to get rid of it... and then the Senate to get rid of it and finally... we had to get the White House.

That was the excuse for the inaction in the House... and the inaction in the Senate, you see.  That's why the House lacked the guts to do what they COULD do to rid us of the Obamacare plague... namely, by defunding it.

Like our local Senatorial incompetents who bent us over in Olympia, our NATIONAL Senatorial incompetents kept stringing us along.... ANYTHING... ANY promise... to keep us voting for them... no matter how much they lied to make that happen.

Our local cardboard cutout of a congresswoman is no better.  Our two fake local allegedly GOP Senators who have done us so much harm and are about as Republican as my Spaniels.

And that's the point of this essay: labels... as used by political parties... are utterly meaningless.

I will never vote for anyone based on the label they claim ever again.  Ever.

If we, as voters, would use our franchise the way the Founders intended... if we'd actually pay attention and vote for the person, regardless of their claimed party affiliation... imagine how much better off we'd be as a nation?

And now we can't even get rid of a law that they've had YEARS to prepare to do away with.  And these are the best we can do?

It wasn't that long ago that campaigns were specific.  If you vote for X, X pledges to make 1, 2 and 3 happen.

Well, here locally, we found out how worthless that can be when Rivers betrayed her district on the gas tax/tab fee scam.

And now, at the national level, we've found out how worthless it can be when a bunch of fake Republican pinks would rather sink this country as a viable entity than do what they were sent there to do... what they campaigned on... what they promised us they WOULD do if... only... we... would...reelect them.

And how has that worked out for us?

We have elections coming up in the future, of course.  Next time, don't ignore the record of these people when they come begging for your vote.

If they've lied to us in the past, they WILL lie to us in the future.

If they've raised our taxes in the past?  They'll do it again in the future.

If they've tried to steal a little of your freedom in the past... they'll steal more of it in the future.

We have to learn from this GOP debacle.  We have to know that we cannot trust the words of anyone merely because they claim to be this, or claim to be that.

We simply can't.  We can't afford it any more.

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