Monday, July 31, 2017

A 2-fer: how to repeal Obamacare AND fix the VA medical system.

A few days ago, the US Senate RINO Caucus flexed their muscles and screwed the entire country... much like, come to think of it, our own Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and her new sidekick, Sen. Linda "Jack your property taxes" Wilson just did it to us.

One of those... but not the only one, to be sure... was John McCain.

Now, McCain has a major problem... brain cancer... glioblastoma... which is typically a death sentence.

As much as I despise the man, that's neither here nor there.  To me, the issue isn't that.

The issue is this: where is he going to be treated?

Well, he's coming back to Phoenix for his treatment.  So, the question to me is this: why isn't he being treated at the VA Hospital there... instead of the Mayo Clinic-Phoenix?

The VA Medical system has been and continues to be, a mess.  Decades of rot, incompetence and willful neglect are going to take time to excise... if it can be cut out at all.

Most of that rot took place on McCain's watch.  McCain is a veteran.  There are actually a few veterans in Congress... and a few combat veterans there as well.

But of that few... practically none of them... use the VA Medical system for their health care.  (Yes, some of them actually do.... but most don't.)

McCain, clearly, is no exception.

Who knows what the extent of the power of the Executive Order really is? Obama, using the Constitution as his own personal roll of toilet paper, certainly used his power of the E.O. to trash our current laws.  His actions were overturned by the Supreme Court on 96 different occasions if memory serves.

Simple solution to resolving both:  an Executive Order mandating that all elected members of Congress as well as all Supreme Court Justices... and their staffs... be covered by Obamacare.  Get rid of the exemptions Congress placed on themselves when the democrats passed this horrific bill.

AND, further... order that all veterans in Congress only receive medical treatment from the VA.

I get why McCain wouldn't be caught dead in that hell-hole that he allowed into existence.

Here are just two of the latest news stories on that hovel:

Whistleblower Finds Cockroaches Scurrying Around At Phoenix VA
A patient whistleblower from the Phoenix, Ariz., Veteran Affairs (VA) medical center has captured footage of cockroaches scurrying around the pharmacy room at the medical center. (7 days ago)

Video: Phoenix VA still understaffed, vets facing long wait times
More than a year after we first learned of problems at the Phoenix VA Hospital — they still have not been fixed. A new government report describes long waits for veterans seeking treatment. Whistleblowers charge the hospital is missing … (10 days ago)

The irony of that is simple: if McCain WERE to use the VA facility in Phoenix, given the chronic long wait times for treatment there (The place is a legend for that sort of thing) he'd likely be long dead before he could get an appointment.

Imagine, if you will.  Members of Congress and their staffs... actually being forced to use the same scam system the rest of us get.

(NOTE:  In a related bit of irony, Phoenix area Congresswoman and retired Air Force Colonel Martha McSalley introduced and had passed an amendment to the House repeal that would have effectively accomplished the exact same thing.)

You want to see Obamacare repealed?  Force members of Congress and their staffs to use it.

You want to see a major overhaul of the VA system, essentially overnight?  Force the veterans in Congress to get their health care there.

Bringing these people back to the reality we have to face every day would be a long overdue lesson... for example, does anyone reading this right now believe for one second that our congresswoman's child would be alive today if the baby's mom wasn't a congresswoman?

Let us not hold our breath.

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Pete Masterson said...

Back when Obamacare was first being proposed, I pointed out to an associate how bad the VA system was --- and that Obamacare (or, worse, a single payer system) would end up being no better than the VA. The response was that the VA gives "excellent" service... However, my associate lives in Maryland -- near Washington DC - and was a retired Federal worker (as well as a veteran). Apparently, the VA operations in and near Washington DC are kept up and, in most cases, do a pretty good job for the Veterans (and government workers who qualify) in that area. The rest of the country doesn't get "the good stuff." It just provides a further picture of the corruption involved.