Saturday, July 22, 2017

So, Herrera did what she always does in a case like the proposed Oregon tolls.... just like the CRC Scam: she wrote a letter.

None of them made any DIFFERENCE, you understand, but MAN, did she get people thinking she was actually DOING something... or what?

The legislative/congressional business is an outcome-based business.

During the CRC/Loot Rail War, Jaime did an amazing job of making people BELIEVE she was on our side... and she made people BELIEVE that she was actually fighting for us... actually DOING something.

The questions I asked about her involvement in stopping the CRC Scam... repeatedly... were never answered:

1.  What, specifically, have you done legislatively to kill this project?
2.  Since the answer to question 1 is "nothing," WHY haven't you killed this project in Congress?

Now, we're in the same situation with Oregon's idiotic tolling scam.  With the flip of democrats Wilson, Rivers, Harris and Vick on the CRC, that scam needs to be addressed as well.  Just don't hold your breath in either case.

Anyone looking at it knows it's just another suction hose stabbed into the fiscal jugular vein of the 75,000 or so commuters living here in Clark County... because the nearly $300 million they extort from us here in state income tax just isn't enough to support the Oregon welfare state.

So, what does Herrera do?

What she always does.  She writes a letter.  She had it publicized.  She made the dreamers of this county actually BELIEVE she's GOING to do SOMETHING... and it got the widest possible dispersion so every media outlet in SW Washington would show this hard-charging, "young" congresswoman "fighting for us!"

Except, of course, for one thing: no amount of snarky letters designed to fool her constituents into continuing to vote for this worthless do-nothing will accomplish anything.

The letter doesn't SAY anything, you understand.  And that's the whole point.

It's worthless.  It's LESS than worthless.  And what Herrera SHOULD have done is to ACT on the scam FIRST, kill this deal and let the whole world know about it AFTER the fact... and write letters later.

Failing that, she SHOULD have spelled out in detail HOW she was going to run this plan over with a tank. But, oh, no. The CRC Scam taught her that all she HAS to do is write letters... and in this case, publicly slapping Brown won't make the Governor intransigent about this or anything... will it?

I bet Kate Brown is terrified.  I bet that she's had at least one absolutely sleepless night.

And I also bet Brown is going to completely ignore it, since it means nothing and more importantly, ACCOMPLISHES nothing... except to fool the people of this region into, once again, believing she's actually doing make a difference. when the reality is completely different.

Jaime Herrera has proven many things over the last 10 years she's defrauded the people of this area into believing she's actually "representing us."  You can, for example, count the number of open town hall meetings she's had since she moved into Congress on one hand... 6+ years ago. And that proves she's an intellectual coward, afraid to face the people foolish enough to have put her into the job in the first place.

That, by itself, is reason enough to get rid of her.  Add to that her joining with the two fringe-left nutbergers representing us in the US Senate to attack then-candidate Donald Trump, and you can see where she has managed to destroy any real ability to ask for help from the White House on this deal... since you can bet that Trump's staff knows who was "naughty" and who was "nice" during the election.

So, in effect, Herrera is on her own.

And that's a terrifying thought indeed.

Just not for the government or special interests of Oregon.


Pete Masterson said...

Is there a viable candidate who can challenger Ms. Herrera in the next primary?

Just a guy said...

Sadly, not that I'm aware of.