Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jayne and the democratian would sell their own children to get the CRC/Loot Rail scam built.

Typically, editorials and "opinion" pieces from the local democrat daily newsletter have a common thread: they're bereft of logic, common sense and rarely reflect the community they are, allegedly, here to serve.

Jayne's idiocy this morning is no exception.

It starts out hammering Oregon for doing what he and the rest of the morons he works with would cheerfully implement if it was for a new, unneeded, unaffordable waste of billions known as the "CRC/Loot Rail scam."

The hypocrisy of such a position is obvious.

THEN, he waves Jaime Herrera around like SHE is EVER going to do ANYTHING about any of this.  She won't, of course; given the opportunity during the CRC/Loot Rail scam she did nothing of substance and her positions, letters and empty threat collection designed to make the people of Southwest Washington BELIEVE she was doing something... accomplished absolutely nothing.

The CRC was primarily killed by two people: Don Benton and Ann Rivers, using Tiffany Couch's forensic accounting skills which told a truth this despicable rag could care less about and the political position of David Madore, who put voice county-wide to the voter-hatred of the fraud the democratian continues to support at all costs no matter what we think... because, after all, we're stupid and the democratian/downtown mafia knows SO much more than we do.

Rivers, who was a major force in killing that rip-off then, has become such a democrat that she now works for a democrat campaign firm, Strategies 360, while a sitting GOP state senator who will be well-compensated by her democrat masters for screwing us sideways on the state budget and the WEA McCleary scam.

She's been just as instrumental in resurrecting this rip off as she was in killing it.  I hope whatever they're paying her to betray us is worth it as much as they paid her on the gas tax scam and the other ways she's screwed the people of her district and Southwest Washington.

Meanwhile, Jayne comes out and babbles utter nonsense like this:
The bill calls for creation of an Oregon transportation commission to seek that approval by the end of 2018. That gives us up to 17 months for what could turn into a brouhaha between the states. It gives us nearly a year and a half to ponder what in the world Oregon officials were thinking. The guess is that Clark County residents are going to make plenty of noise about this, enough to draw the attention of the governor and lawmakers in Olympia. And considering that Washington has 75 percent more population and a Gross Domestic Product more than twice as large as Oregon, officials here have plenty of weight to throw around.
As if Oregon cares about any of that.

There is nothing... NOTHING in the babble from Jayne that will cause Oregon to do ANYTHING.

All the sturm und drang in the world from this county didn't move the CRC Scammers one inch... and they LIVE here.  What makes a moron like Jayne believe...for one minute... that it will make any difference to another state?

Thus, there is ZERO weight to throw around.  And this faux outrage is tempered by the lack of a jihad on the democratian's part of CTran's sell out on TriMet's ability to exercise eminent domain in Clark County or get $5 million instead... a fraud and a rip off that at the time and since has drawn, relatively speaking, cricket chirps from these same thugs with barrels of ink.

But that's not the worst of it.  Oh, no.  That's reserved for THIS idiotic tidbit from ol' Greg:
Instead, Oregon is either consciously or subconsciously extracting some revenge for the manner in which Washington lawmakers scuttled the Columbia River Crossing proposal in 2013. That might result in some benefits of this unnecessary salvo from our unneighborly neighbors. If it triggers discussion about replacing the Interstate 5 Bridge and eventually building additional bridges across the Columbia, it will have been worth it.
So.  This scumbag ascribes a motive which doesn't exist... in the HOPES that it gets the CRC Project back up and running... saying such a move would be "worth it."

Yeah.  Because, you know.... paying a huge toll to cross a bridge to then pay ANOTHER toll that Oregon has put into place... why, that makes PERFECT sense.

This, then, is an INVITATION for Oregon to put up their toll booths, as long as it "triggers discussion about replacing the Interstate 5 Bridge..."

It won't be worth it, of course.  Our utterly worthless congresswoman has been sitting on her thumbs since she parachuted in here 10 years ago and she has offered absolutely NOTHING in terms of solving our cross river transportation problems, and if the I-5 Bridge rip off takes place, it will suck ANY available transportation funding for additional bridges across the river out of the area for decades.

Notice how much the democratian, Rivers, Wilson, Harris, Vick and Steve Stuart all think the same?

Who CARES what the people of this county want? Why does THAT even matter?

Clearly, these clowns would sell their children into slavery to get this insanity built... and damn what we think or want on the matter.

We NEED and WANT additional bridges built FIRST.  THEN we can look at replacing the I-5 Bridge.


But to insist that Oregon doing what the democratian WANTS to do to get a bridge scam built, and that we have ALREADY done in screwing up the King County road system beyond belief is some how "bad," or "wrong" or "unfair," as if "fairness" was somehow a deciding factor in government?

That's sheer hypocrisy.  But then, that's also Jayne and the democratian... so I repeat myself.

Of COURSE Oregon "shouldn't" do this.  But how quick would the rag be to condemn if the shoe were on the other foot?  They had, if memory serves, zero problem calling for tolling on these same freeways as a way to get the CRC Scam rolling, even before a shovel full of dirt was turned.

They, if I'm not mistaken, wanted tolling on the 205 even though NOTHING was going to be built in conjunction with that freeway as a result of the CRC Scam.

So, perhaps they should explain why... when THEY want tolls... it's good... good... But when Oregon wants tolls?  It's bad... bad...

The outcome's the same.  We get raped ether way.  But in democratian land, raping OUR wallets is perfectly OK if it's for the right cause... (bridge they want replaced... ballpark scam they want built... just to name two...) that we have zero say over.

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