Sunday, July 16, 2017

Uh, oh. Looks like Brent Boger needs a hug.

Look.  here's the thing.

Brent Boger was at the PCO meeting Saturday as was I.

I get that he fancies himself as some sort of expert in the political realm.  And I get that he has an inferiority complex the size of Rhode Island.  But here's yesterday's snivel-fest as he feels all beat up and that those wise enough to oppose him or his peculiar style of politics are big meanies:

The ironies are many. I'll just name a few:

First and foremost, I don't give a fiddler's damn what Boger does. Stay... go... who cares? He actually believes that what he thinks matters. Oddly, I missed his buddy Sean Guard yesterday, who joined with him and others in an interesting but doomed effort to retake control of the party... and yeah, I helped to kill that... as I would do it again.

Guess ol' Sean must have texted his regrets about not being able to make it.

What *I* do is point out that while he claims to be GOP, his politics are decidedly anything but. He supports leftist causes... the list of C3G2 hate types patting da poor widdle boy on da back over feeling SOOOOO bad on his FB page is long and distinguished... and not out of place at a democrat convention.

Secondly, this clown ACTUALLY asks his fellow RINO's and leftists the following question:
Hinton and Berrigan no doubt would like to see me out of the Republican Party. Should I accommodate them? I have no political ambitions beyond serving as a Washougal City Councilor. But I'm not going to let them push me out.

This guy has picked up his football and we, we, weeeed all the way home from the local GOP more than anyone alive. He pushes HIMSELF out with the regularity of a full moon and this hypocrite is going to ask his leftist facebook posse to ask if he SHOULD quit?  Because of me and Berrigan?

How pathetic is that?

Did I have anything to do with his multiple OTHER sniveling efforts to quit?

Nope. That petulance was all on him. He acts like a baby so often, he's a joke. Rivers and I used to talk about that... a lot.

Third, it's not terribly surprising that a fringe-left whack job like Boger would assail anyone publicly for exercising their First Amendment right to protest against politicians they oppose at a public, open meeting.

They were not being disruptive.  They weren't making noise or interrupting in any way. They were, in fact, engaging in a symbolic exercise of free speech, which like most leftists, Boger can't stand when the words don't reflect his perspective.

Boger calls Berrigan, et al's protest "feckless." Clearly, Boger's own FB snivelfest was a much more accurate definition of the term.

The irony of all of this is the same as it is for everyone else I irritate so much they get fixated on me: If my words and actions mean so little... then why does what I do or say matter?  I'm a nobody, a nothing. And when I'm needed... why, I get calls, emails and all kinds of requests to help.

Right, Brent?

Brent, it's not a matter of me or anyone else "pushing you out."

You've quit the GOP more times than you've blown election calls... and your last blown one was a BEAUT, even though you did delete it:
Here is my final prognostication for federal elections. Clinton will win with a 4% percent popular vote margin over Trump. She will have an Electoral College margin of 300 to 238. Trump carries all of the Romney states including Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina plus carries Ohio and Iowa carried by Obama in 2016. There has been a noticeable drift toward Clinton over the weekend in the polls. There still is the shy or hidden Trump vote theory that is plausible but I don't think will significantly alter the results.
(And let's face it, you really blew the last one and I'm pretty sure that since you're one of those never-Trumper types and I got the election outcome right, that REALLY gripes your shorts) I can't help but think that played a role in your little passion soliloquy... where you conveniently left out that YOU are "best known" for dumping the GOP whenever you throw a snit.

As for me "coordinating" with Berrigan you have no better idea what he was talking to me about than you do election outcomes.

For the record, those two fake Republican senators lied their ass off on the impacts of their latest betrayal: ripping us off for a $5.5 billion budget increase that WE are going to pay for.

In the words of our assessor:
Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next years tax bills.
That you were ignorant enough to believe those two, who never once spoke about why they screwed us on the budget, since there is no justification for that, then you shouldn't be let outside without a keeper.

It doesn't always go your way, Boger. And if anything, I pale in comparison to your own efforts to extol YOUR own virtues. The problem is that you see yourself as some sort of political oracle and wise man when, in reality, you're just a punk... and not all that highly thought of yourself... wrong more than you're right.

In the end... stay, go, vaporize... But when you stupidly open up your piehole like you did here, as an elected... (or whatever you call it) official, you're fair game.

Hey, I know... maybe I should start publishing all of those emails you sent me asking for help, and publishing stuff in my blog for you and so forth.

Would that be OK?

You freaking hypocrite.

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Christian Berrigan said...

Thanks for this Kelly. Boger's assessment is so disconnected from reality its not even funny. I remember the last time he quit the party -- in 2012 during the primary or general I forget which. I remember in the Columbian article he said republicans should wear the term "RINO" proudly, and that "RINOs are the future of the republican party". I believe that was sometime after he conspired with Greg Kimsey to shut down LD 17 under false pretenses at the 2012 county convention to prevent them from electing any more non-Romney delegates.

I guess they all got their panties in a wad now because they think people who dedicate their time to electing candidates who do the opposite of what they promised should just stand by in silence. He probably thinks its pretty funny that a former supposed "tea party leader" (Lynda Wilson) would vote for a brand new state entitlement funded by a brand new payroll tax, and we're supposed to send them hugs and kisses? I can picturing him whispering in Lynda's ear, "Welcome to the Dark Side....."

The guy really has a problem with rational thinking to be describing what he saw so disingenuously and in such an undignified manner. I think its funny because he has no idea how many onlookers perceive his posts as a vivid display of his own cognitive dissonance, insecurity, and logical fallibility.