Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bill Bryant sealed his doom yesterday.

In what has to be the greatest strategic blunder in state politics since Rob McKenna that he could confuse the voters of this state into thinking he was a quasi-democrat, Bill Bryant committed political hari-kiri when he stupidly announced that he would neither vote for Clinton... or Trump.

Washington is a deep, dark, blue neo-communist state.  The leftists here are typically moronic and will politically support an axe-murderer if they have a "D" after their name. Cowardly tight wire acts like Bryant's insanity yesterday would change nothing when it comes to the leftist vote, and change nothing positive when it comes to the GOP base vote.

His options needed to be filtered through the lens of what he was seeking to achieve: the options were simple.... and he blew it.

Abandoning the GOP nominee results in the absolute worst outcome for him, far worse that Vance's abandonment of Trump (but then Vance has never been all that bright) because the reality is set: the entire left coast will naturally go for that criminal Hillary.

Washington, as a part of that, is no different.

So, the question is simple: what could Bryant do or say to strengthen what little of a base he has to work with to get them to come out and vote for him?

Tough question... but if there was an answer, it wasn't engaging in the political cowardice of the variety he displayed with his formalized abandonment of Trump yesterday.

The calculus is simple: if Bryant can't find it within himself to vote for Trump, then tens of thousands of those who may have been supporters won't be able to find it within ourselves to vote for him.

I, for example, will reward this lack of courage with a vote for the imbecile running the state now.

Bill Bryant can certainly do whatever he likes.  But this was the political equivalent of an own-goal and as for me, I will be voting Inslee.

Not because he was anything more than a disgrace for governor... but because I will never reward political cowardice with my vote... and will, n fact, oppose it whenever possible by voting for the coward's opponent.

This... will be me... doing that.

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Christian Berrigan said...

One correction: you said tens of thousands of voters ... 455,000 Trump voters in the primary. That's just the primary. Do you think he loses half of those at least? Now what % of the 100s of 1000s more Trump voters in the general? If he "only" lost 300k, where do you make up for them? Puget Sound liberals?

I think Inslee and the media baited him into this decision and they are laughing their asses off this morning.