Thursday, August 18, 2016

Democratian/downtown mafia still clueless about the bridge issue

After wasting tens of millions of dollars on a go-nowhere scam to get loot rail into Clark County, you would like to think that Lefty Lou's cabal would have learned something as a result of their fiasco.

Apparently not.

As always, the rag sticks to their idiocy over replacing a perfectly functional, perfectly safe bridge with another bridge that would accomplish absolutely nothing, save to blow a $100,000,000+ hole in our local economy via tolls all to ram Portland's hated loot rail down our throats.

Using a visit by the State Cow as a way to vault back to their pet issue and, of course, as a way to (they think) smack Rep. Liz Pike around for her part on killing this massive waste of billions, they quoted Sen. Murray as saying this:
On a figurative level, Murray was talking about her ability to build coalitions in Washington, D.C. — for which she, indeed, deserves high marks. But on a literal level, she was talking about one of the region’s biggest issues: “We need transportation systems that are safe, efficient … including a new I-5 Bridge that is seismically sound, alleviates congestion and works for Washington and Oregon residents.”
Never mind that some of the elements Murray mentioned were completely missing from the Democratian scam.

As we discovered over the years, the bridge rip off was few of the things she mentioned.

It was no safer than what we have now.  Three lanes new, three lanes old.

It was no more efficient; southbound, in fact, this multi-billion dollar boondoggle would save commuters less than 60 seconds, according to the CRC's own propaganda web site.

The current bridge can, of course, still be seismically retrofitted to address those concerns.

The new bridge design did absolutely nothing to alleviate congestion nor improve freight mobility... and clearly, it did nothing that worked for the people of Oregon and Washington save for enriching a few of the special interests that benefited from wasting our money before like they would benefit from doing it again... because, rest assured, those same people that ripped us off in the past would belly up to the government trough... OUR trough... and dive head-first into it again.

We would again be ripped off, scammed and gamed like we were last time.  They would again make policies to silence us and mute our voices like they did last time because, as we all know, the LAST thing these clowns concern themselves with are the people who would actually pay their bills.

What we need is additional CAPACITY.  We need more bridges in at least two different locations to address the cross-river transportation issues.

Replacing the current bridge will have one purpose and one purpose only.

Then, as now, it is about stuffing loot rail down our throats at the cost of billions extracted from the people of Clark County and the commuting public... billions in addition to that which they already steal in the form of the Oregon Income Tax.

Replacing the current bridge is not about seismic safety, not about congestion, not about freight mobility or any other kind of transportation issue.

It begins and ends with light rail.  Always has.

That the bridge is safe isn't even an issue: were it unsafe, what would ODOT and WADOT have to do?

Close it down.

That it's open at all speaks to the insanity of the safety argument; it is as the Oregon Supreme Court determined; mere verbiage and backfill to support the idea of the new bridge needed to bring light rail into Clark County.

The concept of additional bridge lanes in other locations is so simple a democrat could figure it out.  A bridge in east county is going to be needed as the demands of "growth management" result in overloading I-205 and the need for an additional bridge in West/North Clark County, which would have the extra added advantage of cutting a huge amount of traffic out of the I-5 corridor is as obvious as the lies in a Brancaccio editorial.

The problem, then, isn't that Pike was a leading voice for her district's opposition against this insanity; I mean, God Forbid that a state representative would actually, well, represent.

The problem is that this is the wrong place at the right time.  And telling us that "Oregon won't agree" brings me back to the immortal words of disgraced former Oregon Governor John Taxhaber: "No light rail?  No bridge."

That, of course, puts all of this other gibberish into a much shaper, clearer focus.

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