Friday, July 14, 2017

Where, once again, the GOP State Senate blew it on Hirst.

The amazing stupidity of the GOP-Controlled Senate cannot be overstated.

I've been vacillating between believing the basis for the action of those morons has been the RINOs running the show, their simple incompetence, or a complete desire for self-immolation... a desire that is likely to be realized the day after the next election in November when the GOP loses in the 45th and subsequently, loses the tenuous control they've got in the Senate.

At this point, it's leaning in the direction of simple incompetence.

Right now, the GOP Senate would like the base to think they're at an impasse.

The House democrats refuse to move on Hirst (Why should they?  The GOP Senate has given up its leverage to the House as much as the entire Legislature ceded their authority to the Supreme Court)  and the GOP Senate refuses to vote out a capital budget.

Each blames the other, publicly.  And nothing happens.

The problem is simple: In voting out the General Fund Budget, the Senate gave away the keys to the castle.

That, of course, is beyond the idiocy and insanity of the REPUBLICAN senate smacking US with BILLIONS of dollars in new taxes... quite unnecessarily.   Which, when added to their rape of our wallets on the gas tax/tab fee rip off kind of ends any particular reason to vote GOP in the legislature.... doesn't it?

So, yeah.  The GOP Senate needed to hold up a budget to "fix" Hirst, although any fix would only last as long as they maintain control of the Senate, which ends in a little less than 4 months, regardless; but they picked the WRONG budget to hold hostage.

The democrats have no crying need to cave on this: any fix would only be temporary anyway, and what makes anyone think for a second that Inslee wouldn't veto it anyhow?

Once again, GOP idiocy has put us, the people, in an untenable position because those gutless cowards were terrified of being called names because they "shut down government."

Like that matters... since in the end, they're going to lose anyway.

As a result, tremendous losses are being suffered, home construction in rural areas are close to at a standstill, and none of those in the Legislature are getting hurt.

A blind squirrel could see it in a minute.  Why couldn't they, besides the fact that Rivers is on the democrat's payroll, I mean?

It's just a shame that they'll be losing on cowardice... instead of principle.

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