Thursday, November 03, 2016

Statewides: so who wins?

US Senate:  Murray

Vance was a clueless idiot as state GOP Chair; he remains that as the base stays away from him in droves over his RINO cowardice concerning Trump.

Governor: Inslee

It is possible to run a more out of touch campaign than Bryant has... but I don't see how.  Another RINO coward when it comes to Trump, much of the base will undervote him and the most ignorant, worthless governor this state has ever known will be reelected easily.

Congress:  Herrera (Sadly)

Yes, Herrera will be sent back to DC to do what she always does for the 3rd District: absolutely nothing.

Herrera is an abysmal failure as a member of Congress, a coward who doesn't bother to hold town hall meetings because she's got the IQ of a brick, and would fall apart in a live setting where her lack of production and idiocy has accomplished absolutely nothing on the issues confronting this district.

In the most important issue confronting the area, namely, cross-river transportation issues, and what has she been doing about that?


We have no idea where she stands on any controversial issue, such as the feminization of infantry and other combat arms; drafting women, foreign policy, the debt (that she has helped to increase) and so on.

ANOTHER RINO coward on Trump, Herrera stands as proof that the people of the WA03 would elect a brick if it had an "R" after its name.

Treasurer: Waite

Yes, I know this RINO got the Planned Parenthood endorsement, but Marc Boldt got the Young Democrat endorsement here locally (Courtesy of fellow leftist Jimmy Mains, who runs Boldt's political life.) and picked up the RINO and much of the democrat vote as a result.

I expect Waite to do the same, since his opponent is also a Republican.

Supreme Court:  Yu, Madsen, Toss-up for Wiggins-Larson The only incumbent up against it is Wiggins, due to a late, multi-hundred thousand dollar push financed by people like, well, Bill Gates.

Why would Bill Gates finance Dave Larson?  Charter schools.  A LOT of money is going into two PACS to support Larson.  I call his race a toss-up.

If a statewide race is missing, I simply do not know (or care) how it turns out... but the likelihood here in the Washington Soviet is that the democrat running will win, in spite of the down-ballot damage caused by Clinton's criminal activity.

Local races in 2 days.

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