Friday, November 04, 2016

Spin in the loss.

It becomes increasingly clear to those with functioning brains not cemented down by partisan bias, that Trump is following the same path as Reagan/Carter and he's very much likely to win.  (He's +6 as I write this)

Dems, of course, already known for excusing #HillBilly's criminal activity, will do two things: in many instances, they'll riot... and they'll also proceed to blame Jim Comey for Hillary losing.

That's nonsense, of course: Hillary and Hillary alone is responsible for her debacle.

Hillary is the one that knowingly set up what amounts to an illegal server.  Hillary is the one who has lied about it repeatedly.  Hillary is the one who directed scrubbing that server so that 33,000 emails would disappear.

And Hillary is responsible for every other debacle, from the corruption of her position as SecState based on the tens of millions she now has, to lying about sniper fire in Bosnia, to lying about leaving the White House "broke," to the blood on her hands in Benghazi.

The reality is that the responsibility for this cow losing begins and ends with her.

OTOH, the same can be said for Trump in the increasingly unlikely even HE loses.

Trump has had issue after issue he could have exploited.  And when he stayed on message and policy, he crushed that woman.

But his weakness that's obvious to most of the politically aware (which is why Hillary keeps doing it) you can troll him to get him off message... and when Trump gets off message, he gets clobbered.

If you look at polls like the RCP or the L.A. Times poll, You can actually see this in action.

Stay on message and you win.  Get knocked into the weeds and you lose.

I have written many times about this ability to troll Trump.  It's among his greatest weaknesses, but it pales in comparison to the known corruption of Hillary.

Trump tells us the system is rigged.  There's a truth to that, but he has to overcome it to succeed.  A rigged system, proven by DNC hijinks and multiple videos of voting machines that default to a vote for Hillary, thugs being paid by the DNC to start fights... GOP ballots getting tore up... yes, the system is rigged to an extent.

But the crushing amount of evidence, mute proof of Hillary's guilt, is likely to be enough for Trump to win anyway.

Regardless, neither side will go quietly into that dark night.

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