Thursday, February 26, 2015

Democratian throws another hissy-fit at the commissioners.

Anyone paying attention knew it was a matter of time until the scumbag running the Lazy C unloaded on the commissioners for their decision to put our national motto up in the commission room, or whatever they call it.

Tuesday, the hearing was packed with fringe-left slime making this into an issue is is not: false claims about this being "unconstitutional" abounded.

The process was everything these scum whined about vis the issue of the Benton hiring, yet even when engaging in unreasonable and unrequired transparency the outcome caused outrage on the part of the effluent from the left... which just serves to reinforce that the hissy fit over Benton had nothing to do with the "process," no "process" followed that resulted in his hiring to Clark County would have been reacted to in any way different from the playground petulance these (Mostly) same scum... at least those from this state...  (The place was jammed with fringe left nutjobs from around here... and Oregon... and a variety of other places that have precisely nothing to do with this county) who wanted to riot over the Benton hiring.

My position has been clear from the beginning: Madore or Mielke should have just had the motto painted up as a fait accompli, and let the C3G2 hater types that didn't like it utilize that wonderful charter they lied so much to get passed and put it up to a vote.

Of course, such a vote to put up that motto would win overwhelmingly, and we... as well as they... already know that.

So, all their bleating and Temple's mugging for the cameras notwithstanding, these punks aren't going to do a damned thing about it.

One of the biggest problems the rag has in matters.... both important and unimportant such as this one... is that their default position is that everything the commissioners do is wrong or bad; they are incapable of doing anything the right way with the right outcomes.

Ultimately, when the commissioners do good, we rarely hear about it and when in the eyes of this rag, the commissioners generally (and let's face it, that means Madore and Mielke) do bad, we never hear the end of it.

While I have made my position clear on this matter (None of the sturm and drang was needed OR required... so it mystifies me as to why we got put through it... since it sets a horrific precedent) the headline of this leftist manure was that the commissioners "betrayed trust" when, in fact, all they did is arrive at a decision these scum don't happen to like.

What else is new?

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