Thursday, February 26, 2015

Senate RINOs cave: a worse version of Holder confirmed in Judiciary Committee as Obama's henchman AG.

While Obama continues to engage in affirmative action when it comes to his AG appointments, the fact is this:  The senate once again failed to use an appointment for leverage on any number of other issues it could have and now, we have an AG likely to be even worst that the incompetent racist bigot we've got now.

Man, is it a "good thing" the GOP controls the Senate.... or what?

There is no excuse.... none.... for voting to confirm this extension of Obama's "pen and cell phone," a slime ball who actually believes that Obama's illegal alien scam is somehow perfectly OK.

Just as I expected they would.

And you can bet the GOP controlled senate will vote this witch out as well.

How... "Republican" of them.

Senate Judiciary Committee votes to confirm Loretta Lynch as AG — thanks to three Republicans


Because the GOP has a majority in the Senate, it also has a majority on all Senate committees — 12 to 9 in the case of the Judiciary Committee. But since Lynch’s confirmation has become a referendum on executive amnesty and the GOP is riddled with amnesty shills, there was no doubt that a few would cross over and vote with Democrats today to send her through to a floor vote of the entire Senate.
The three defectors: Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham, both members of the Senate’s Gang of Eight on immigration, and Orrin Hatch, who sold himself as Mr. Conservative to Utah tea partiers in 2012 in order to avoid being primaried.
Democrats expressed dismay that Ms. Lynch, whose record they praised repeatedly, encountered so much opposition, especially since Republicans had cited virtually nothing objectionable in her background.
“If anyone deserves a unanimous vote, she does,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.).
The committee vote means Ms. Lynch will likely be considered by the full Senate in the coming weeks. There, she will need to win the support of at least four Republicans to be confirmed, assuming all of the chamber’s 46 Democrats vote for her.
Remember, there’s no filibuster anymore for presidential nominees except for Supreme Court vacancies. McConnell could have brought back the 60-vote rule for cloture on nominations that Harry Reid abandoned but he’s kept it in place. That’ll be useful to the GOP if/when a Republican president nominates someone “controversial” and the Democrats, eager to Bork him, run up against the now entrenched “simple majority” requirement for appointees. Until then, though, it’s a big help to Obama in reducing the leverage tea partiers have to block cloture on his nominees. With Flake, Graham, and Hatch all presumably set to vote for her, all Reid needs now is one more Republican to ensure Lynch is confirmed. (If the vote splits 50/50, Joe Biden would cast the tiebreaker.) Between the usual suspects like Mark Kirk, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Dean Heller, he’ll get it. Come to think of it, given his performance these past few weeks in handling the DHS funding debacle, the current rule is actually a big help to McConnell too. Imagine how jammed up the Senate would be if the filibuster was still intact and Ted Cruz was able to round up, say, 43 Republicans to oppose Lynch. McConnell would be humiliated by having lost his own caucus and paralyzed as Cruz et al. attacked him for being a RINO while the White House attacked his caucus for being racist in refusing to confirm the first black woman AG. Anything that reduces conservatives’ leverage in the Senate is good for Obama and McConnell, who’s eager to show voters that the party can govern smoothly, without shutdowns and filibusters.


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