Friday, February 27, 2015

So.... where's our cowardly congressional lion, Jaime Herrera?

Big vote coming up on DHS funding: where's Jaime?

See, there's a number of reasons why the local GOP should put their collective political boot up her butt: her cowardice on this issue, the effort to stop Obama's raping off the Constitution on the issue of caving to illegal aliens is just one of them.

Look, I get that the establishment is tweaking over the thought that this empty-suited coward might get bitch-slapped here: Those leading the charge for the incompetent status quo assure me that the side that elected our current local GOP leadership doesn't have the votes to follow through on their effort to kick her where the sun don't shine.

To that, I don't happen to agree: the establishment side sure seems upset over this vote: if those desiring that Herrera just be allowed to continue to mail it in and waste this seat sure seem angry.  And if the side for change doesn't have the votes... then why would Jaime's side be so upset?

Jaime's continuing cowardice/silence on the issues confronting us doesn't do her any good: it merely serves to reinforce her cowardice and her failure to lead.

That she lacks the guts to address so many of the issues confronting us is part and parcel of why she's unfit for elective office in any capacity... because when she hits the button, it's frequently in support of Obama and the left.

Not terribly surprising, when you think about it.  After all, this is an empty-suited moron who didn't have any problem with Brian Baird representing us... so in many respects, thanks to her, it's like Baird never left.

Meanwhile, I predict this simple idiot will cave when her keeper, Cathy McMorris, tells her.  And then what will the establishment RINOs say?

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