Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vancouver reduced to lying to oppose bills.

So, the city of Vancouver sent a transportation staffer up from the Soviet to read a statement that looks like one of the Three Scumateers; Burkman, Leave-it or Smith actually wrote it.

SB5187 is a bill resulting from the arrogance and dictatorial desire of the leftist scum around here to ignore the law when if comes to BRT (Or any form of High Capacity Transit) and to ignore the expressed will of the voters when the actual people vote to stop a project.

It's an obvious, simple little bill that reinforces the already statutory and ignored requirement to seek the vote of the people... and their permission... to waste our money on their agenda.  Nothing that poor schlep babbled address the crux of the bill.  It was all about the reasons... well, the reasons they'll admit to... that Vancouver doesn't give a damn about what the people actually want on those infrequent occasions when we're actually asked.

Vancouver merely cemented the reality of the situation that most people already knew: the government of Vancouver follows blindly along with the Steve "Don't give a rip what the people want" Stuart:

This was the hearing in question.

I urge you to click on the link and watch the beginning of the hearing for this bill, which is the first bill under consideration.

The crux of the bill is this: the people have said, directly, "NO" to this scam.  And the vermin running the CTran Board are ignoring that will and making no bones about it.

Clearly, Vancouver is rife with incompetent clowns who are ill-equipped to govern in any way not resembling the 4th Reich on one end of the spectrum and the over-arching resemblance to the totalitarian style so preferred by the Vancouver Soviet on the other.

Is it any wonder that the slime from the city government are so universally reviled?  Instead of discussing ways they COULD actually implement the will of the people, this nmoron could only spew the reasons that said will is to be ignored.

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