Saturday, February 28, 2015

Notes from CCGOP PCO meeting.

CCGOP meeting. Calm so far.

I apparently spoke too soon. Bruhaha over who is and is not a pco, who was and was not in and allowed at Jan 8 meeting.

Resolved that, more or less. We have a quorum.

Around 130 or so pco's. No taxes paid as yet per treasurer, but working on it.

State committee report: "establishment" hijinks.

Abstentions were counted as yeas.

Berrigan was "accosted" by Hutchison. Any disrespect towards Herrera would result in people being "thrown out" (presumably of the meeting). Berrigan is now on WSRP Executive Committee.

Made proposals that were signed by 15 members.

Allegations should be taken up with those being targeted.

State committee adopted illegal rules by allowing county chairs to vote (RCW specifies that only committee men and women are in the state committee. )

Establishment, bad.

It's all about "defeating conservatives." (From the establishment perspective)

It's getting angry in here. Much of Berrigan's report was editorializing. Some here weren't happy about the length or the time he took.

Request that meeting run under Robert's Rules.

Censure Resolution up.

Crain objects to consideration of the motion. Chair recognizes her right. Requires 2/3rd vote to end consideration.

Crain again objects. Motion was made last meeting to put motion agenda, and nothing more than that.
Requires 2/3rd vote to cut off debate.

Chair is not an expert on RRoO. And he should be.

Result: Yeas:58 Neas:67 motion fails.

Doesn't look great for Jaime. Crain assured me she had the votes on the censure motion. Doesn't appear to be the case.

Chair explains rules of debate on the motions.

Substitute is being read into the record.

Amendment to the substitute being offered. Chair ruled it's in order. Includes specific votes on HR1540 and HR4310; issues involving citizens being held without trial.

People remain angry. Both sides are showing anger.

Jaime supporters have no apparent problem with this vote.

Van Norwich opposes... Doesn't get why or believe that a cumulative effect rates censure.

Bowman in opposition. Says if you oppose this you're probably in the wrong party.

Voice vote too close... Standing vote now underway.

Yeas: 56 Neas:57 motion fails

Additional amendments added. Add 1 to committee to avoid a tie.

Passes by voice vote.

Change wording to reflect both parties instead of just GOP.

Jaime supporter claims intimidation because he has been told that censure motion would be run at every meeting as a result.

Crain claims division of the party... she's off topic.

Crain: we don't understand what Jaime is doing. Apparently, only the few get the big picture.

C Miller running down current events. We need a congresswoman to stand up, and she hasn't.

Zippy claims pco's have no power in any of this.

Didnt get the name. Censure now.

Beeson: can't tell elected officials what to do once we elect them.

VanGelder: all this committee is doing is reporting what they're doing.

Halaman 324 we have to support our representatives. No matter what. Jaime won everywhere, so we can't tell her anything.

Motion to postpone indefinitely fails yeas 50, Neas 66.

Berrigan explains committee assignment which is only to provide information.

Vote on the substitute resolution to go forward.

If amendment fails, then the censure motion is voted on.

Roll call vote requested.

fails yeas: 53 Neas: 55

Deciding now if substitute replaces censure motion.

Yeas 81 to 33 passes.

Now voting on substitute which passes 60 to 59.

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