Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hypocrisy and situational ethics of the democrats on the IRS Scam: Lost emails indeed.

So, the IRS is lying to us about the "lost emails."

We all know there's no way they're "lost."

The IRS uses multiple back up systems to avoid this sort of thing, and the addressees also use multiple back up systems.

These emails can either be restored from IRS servers or from the various servers of the addressees.  The White House, the other IRS offices... or the NSA.

Nixon was impeached over an 18 minute gap in a tape.

Talk to one of the fringe-left whack jobs about these obvious lies and they just yawn... if that.

Where's their outrage?  Where's their response?

Can anyone even begin to imagine the fire and damnation the left would be heaping on any GOP President over similar circumstances?  The protests?  The riots in the street?

Of course not.

And that's why the GOP loses.  The American people are not concerned with this because the left ignores it or trashes the effort so they can continue to protect the guy responsible for all this, Obama; and the GOP just lets them get away with it.

Boehner lacks the testicles to do what must be done, but then, he's lacked them since he got the job.

No wonder the country yawns.

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Jack Buckmeir said...

of course, sane people know that emails are held on the server, not the individual computer.