Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In reality's View: the democratian doesn't know crap about foreign policy.

I admit it: there is a wide variety of subjects at all levels the cancer on our community knows absolutely nothing about.  To that ever-increasing list, we can now add the Middle East.

At some point, the United States will have to go back.  We will, simply, have no choice.

The only two questions are where... and when.

The place should be Iraq.  And the time?

We never should have left, to be sure: the result is the waste of thousands of our finest men and women, the maiming of tens of thousands more and the waste of  hundreds of billions of dollars we cannot afford.

Our ongoing failure as a country of achieving energy self-sufficiency makes us as vulnerable to attack as Pearl Harbor.

"War is the continuation of policy by other means," said von Clausewitz.  The loss of the Middle Eastern oil supply will be another version of war... not just against the United States, but also against each dependent nation... Europe... Non-Communist Asia.

Setting us up as if this were 1935 all over again with isolationist policies that will cripple our economy and make us increasingly vulnerable to direct military attack is not the way to go.

As a nation, we're lulled by a president who governs without a clue.  He started out as a community organizer and never rose above it.

He has crippled us around the world.  He has crippled us at home.  He ignores the law at whim. He abuses the Constitution as if it was toilet paper.

We are spilling blood.

He plays golf.

The newspaper lies: The Crisis in Iraq does not show anything except his shortsighted incompetence.

It is the interests of the United States to expand and maintain our presence in Iraq.  It is in the interests of the United States to begin to keep our word when we provide it.  If we are not intending to keep our word, then we are no better than the Soviets.

We propped up the wrong guy in Iraq.  He was a failure like our policy of trying to keep Iraq together as a viable country was a failure.

Simply showing someone how to apply a bandage does not... cannot... prepare them to be a heart surgeon.

In the Middle East, the concept of democracy is as foreign as an Apache blanket.  Allowing... even encouraging... years of corruption as we gave them everything and just expected them to "get it" in a few years while they continued to grapple with sectarian and religious violence based on what brand of muslim they happened to be, along with Obama's idiocy on failing on the status of forces agreement put this all at risk.

I have stated repeatedly on these pages that both nature and politics abhor a vacuum.  The idiot who wrote this editorial simply cannot seem to grasp the very idea that if we become the world's turtle, eventually, the world will become our predator.

To claim our role as the superpower is "unsustainable" is to abrogate our position.  While the president has done much of that by failing at about every domestic, foreign and military policy he has enacted while the entire world looks on in astonishment, the rag... and the president... apparently haven't even begun to contemplate what our world would become without our access to Middle Eastern oil.

That is our curse: our vulnerability.  Our economy would soon sink into a shambles, a shambles even worse than what we've got now... an unneeded debacle to be sure.  Every possible negative impact that can be imagined will hit us where it will hurt the worst.

Massive unemployment, unlike that we've seen since the 30's.  The collapse of markets everywhere. Defaults and bankruptcy.

And a military weakness we haven't known since the War of 1812.

Attitudes like those expressed by the non-serving, ignorant POG who wrote this reflect a leftist view that simply dismisses reality and demands we turn into a version of Denmark.

Well, Denmark is Denmark because of the United States.  They have the luxury of being what Obama aspires us to become because the United States exists.

The question the rag didn't address because it rarely does deal with inconvenient truths that weaken its meme is this: who becomes the superpower when we roll up our tent and go home?

Only Russia and China will be left.  And what do we do... how do we as a nation respond... when they start pushing us around as they are already want to do... have begun to do... as we withdraw further and further from acreage that the slimeball in the White House paid for with American blood and treasure?

When Russia and China become the new version of Germany and Japan... how do we respond?

Who do we turn to?  Who will be there for us?  If others won't do it, who will?  And what happens when it doesn't get done?

No one.  But the rag never thinks that far ahead.  They simply do not understand that we can pay for it with a relatively speaking small amount of blood and money now... or we can pay for it a million times over later.

We are going to have to go back.  Now or later, but we are going to have to do it, and every day that goes by will make it that much more expensive in terms of the blood of our children in addition to our dollars.

And Obama won't care, because he's set for life and doesn't have to.

I have to wonder: what would the rag's position be if, instead of oil, the product was ink and their little operation would have to go out of business because they ran out?  Would they be so cavalier about this country... and the world... reliving the mid 1930's all over again?

Of course not.  But combined with the rag's rampant NIMBYism and their fear (No matter how fake) of oil in our port aside, the fact is that they've always put themselves ahead of this community and the outcome to that question would likely be no different.


Martin Hash said...

800 "Islamists" defeated the 30,000 soldier "Iraqi Army," who just threw down their weapons, tore off their uniforms and hi-tailed it. Vietnam all over again.

Some countries never learn.

p.s. It's going to happen in Afghanistan too.

Lew Waters said...

Sorry Martin, but the Vietnamese panicked and ran because they had no support after the Democrat led congress cut off all but a trickle of funding support to them, effectively giving them over to the Communists.

By many accounts, BHO was warned early on it was too soon to walk away, but that didn't matter.

As for being the world's Police Force, I'll go along with that when the world stops looking to us to be the World's EMT