Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The face of Losingham's desperation.

Another election... another loser in the 18th.

I completely understand Bully's frustration.  Sadly, instead of sticking to the issues confronting us, all Loserham can do is act out the lies and distortions from her democrat goat rope speech that horrified so many... even those in attendance.

So, now, she's reduced to tripling down on her lies and distortions... from lying about Bangalore, India, where the employer she's so proud of has outsourced thousands of jobs to lying about the CRC/loot rail scam to now, this: ripping off the BGSD school lunch program as a rif to hit Liz Pike for voting the way the teachers wanted her to vote... and for supporting the idea of reducing an already over-burdened teaching staff to breakfast/classroom monitors.

Did Liz vote for a bill opposed by teachers?  Did she vote for a bill opposed by school principals?  Did Liz vote for a bill that would have reduced the precious time for academics in the classroom even further?  Did Liz vote for a bill that would have disrupted the class every day, all school year long?  Did Liz vote for a bill that would increase the role of schools while further reroding the responsibility of parents to feed their own children while putting that additional burden on the taxpayers?

No.  She did not.

And that Bully Loserham WOULD have voted for such a bill is just another sign she's unfit for elective office. Hell, between this and her almost pathological lies set, it's starting to appear as if she's unfit to be out in public without a keeper.

Clearly this whack job hasn't spent a minute in a classroom.  She appears to have no more of an idea about what goes on in school than she does on how to tell the truth.

And if this is the best she can do... then she needs to be prepared to be crushed. 

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