Monday, June 16, 2014

Another abysmal fund raising month for the M&M Twins.

Talk about discouraging.

So far this month, Mussolini Mikey has raised a total of $600 from people... which doesn't include the fringe-leftist union hack groups.

Maureen Bullyham has raised a total of $380.

This month.

Now, the Cantor race proved that money isn't everything.

So, for that matter, did an outspent 8 to 1 Tom Mielke.

But the victorious side in those races had something that these clowns will never have.

The issues.

And, of course, Bullyham is a liar on top of it.

These two clowns aren't even located in the same UNIVERSE as the sentiment in the 18th District.

Still, folks, come on: these guys can't pay the pizza bill with this kind of chump change.

Seriously: is this the best the dems can do?

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