Monday, June 16, 2014

Another tough day for Maureen Bullyham: The democratian agrees with our Liz?

Bullyham has GOT to be hating this:

For whatever the reason, the morons at the Lazy C have FINALLY come to grips with the idea of getting rid of that malodorous TriMet/CTran scam contract that the leftists on the CTran board screwed the entirety of this county over.

Likely easily tossed by then first judge to even look at it, this idiotic, back-room scam ginned up as the last hurrah by the pro-CRC rip off artists infesting us would have ceded... illegally and unconstitutionally, the power of eminent domain to an out-of-state agency.

Well, there's no requirement for such a contract now that, thankfully, the CRC Scam is a rotting corpse lying on the bottom of the river.  And, stunningly enough, the propaganda arm of the local democrats/CRC/loot rail scammers seem to agree, writing (Among other things)
“Since there is no CRC project funded, it would seem prudent to do what you can to remove that contract so that it no longer exists,” state Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, told board members.
... proving once again that in politics, there are two kinds of people: those with the title who make things happen, and those wannabe's like Bully Losingham who can only watch things happen... gritting their teeth all the while.

Yes, it's tough to be one of the designated losers in the 18th District.  And Bully Bullingham is all that... and less. 

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