Monday, June 16, 2014

Where's the leftist outrage over Obama's abysmal failure in Iraq? Remember their freak-out over Abu Ghraib?

First of all, this blood is primarily on the golfer-in-chief's hands.

Thanks to Obama, these scum are slaughter not only everyone who helped us, but they're slaughtering their families as well.
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So, for those clueless leftists who support the president's cowardice and his systematic gutting and social weakening of the US Military... bask in the glow of what his incompetence hath wrought.

Obama set these people up to fail, just like he's setting Afghanistan up to fail.

Instead of doing what must be done, he's doing nothing and these pictures are the end result of his misfeasance.

Oceans of blood are the result, and each day that goes by results in their deaths and the physical destruction of men, women and children (The kind of thing, based on the hatred they spew, the local left would lover to do around here to anyone to the right of Mao) all while the so-called "moderate muslims" sit on their hands around the world and, as they all so often do in the face of the atrocities they caused, say and do nothing.

A "religion of peace" production.

Several days ago, Iraq asked for air strikes.  And they've been denied every time.

And every time they've been denied, hundreds more have been slaughtered as a result.

Thousands of us have been killed in Iraq.  Tens of thousands wounded.

And their sacrifice has gone for nothing thanks directly to the stupidity of the clown in the White House and the morons working for him.

This blood... is on Obama's hands... and the left sits on theirs.  And you've got to wonder: how weird is that?

Remember how these same scum lost their fricking minds of Abu Ghraib?

They remain silent in the face of the combined takeover of the country by ISIS and Iran.

The sacrifice of American men and women, the billions spent... reduced to worthless because this moron couldn't see something as plain as his skin color that he makes such a big deal about.

We are going to have to go back.  We are going to have to reassert ourselves into the region.  We cannot abandon our position in the world so that Obama and the clowns around him can buy the votes of the poor and the ignorant by keeping them enslaved with Obamaphones.  We must go back and finish it there... or we are going to have to fight it out over here, given the essentially complete lack of security and common sense of the president.

And every day we stay away will make the cost just that much more expensive in terms of American blood.

The Killing Fields of Iraq.  Brought to you by Barack Obama.

The silence of the left.  Brought to you by the hypocrites infesting us.

Because you know damned well that if there was a Republican in office today, these same silent scum would be positively giddy at this failure, out in the streets, reveling in the GOP debacle.

But this is different because THIS time, THEY are in charge, and situational ethics are the order of the day.

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