Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jayne blows it on guns again.

Look, I get that Greg's got to be the mouth piece for that joke of a fringe-left organization he's unfortunate enough to work for, but the kind of lazy-journalist, bend-the-the-facts-to-the-meme crap he spewed today is beyond the pail.

Last week's garbage was, typically, inexcusable.  It was the kind of fringe-left, auto-bot response to this sort of thing that these gun-grabbers are known for.

And Jayne is OK with that.
You see, I don’t think knee-jerk is a bad thing, although the letter seemed to use it as a pejorative.
Even though it was thoughtless, useless and a result of my fringe-left bias, that's perfectly OK, because it fit my fringe-left, anti-gun meme.
The problem with Jayne's tripe is the same problem all the gun-grabbers have: their focus isn't on those who break the law... it's on those of us who obey the law.  And that's where the gun-grabber's arguments typically fall apart.

Nothing about arming teachers.  Nothing about executing those who use guns in crimes (That actually does work, by the way.)  Nothing about making the costs of handling or selling weapons illegally so expensive that few would even think of it.  Nothing about prosecuting the thousands who try and get a gun every year, only to fail the background check without fear of penalty.

In short, nothing that would impact those who SHOULD be impacted.... just more pap about punishing those of us who obey the laws...  And nothing about enforcing the laws already on the books.

What a radical concept.  It's as strange as actually enforcing our laws again illegal aliens, come to think of it.

Jayne believes his idiocy is "thoughtful."  Yet nothing he advocated would have made any difference of any kind in the Reynold's shooting, or the Sandy Hook shooting as far as that goes.  This country does absolutely nothing to those who try and get weapons through background checks and subsequently fail those checks and tens of thousands fail every year.  When are they prosecuted?

Why is it that the gun-grabbers never rabidly advocate enforcement of our current "these were supposed to fix everything" laws already on the books nearly as much as they advocate punishing those of us who actually obey the law?
As noted in the editorial, in the past two weeks we have had seven people gunned down in Isla Vista, Calif.; a random shooting death at Seattle Pacific University; five people, including two police officers, killed in Las Vegas; and a student murdered at a high school just 15 miles from Vancouver. According to advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety, there have been CNN investigated and found that 15 of those involved an active shooter looking to create random carnage — about one every five weeks.
Jayne, of course, is touting the same "full-of-crap" line the Bloomberg gun-grabbers tout: the lie of the ongoing "74 school shootings since the Sandy Hook massacre in December 2012," when even mentioning that garbage gives it credibility, and that's a violation of the blog rules.

1.  If you have to lie to get elected, you shouldn't BE elected (Which disqualifies Briggs and Losingitham)

2.  If you have to lie about your project to get it built, it shouldn't BE built. (CRC/loot rail, for example)

3.  And if you have to lie about shilling your position by using discredited "statistics" then your position is wrong.

The democratian blithely violates these standards with, essentially, every edition.

Jayne's babble here is no different.

Jayne continues to bitch about the problem of shootings, but like the fringe-left nutters infesting us locally on transportation, he offers up absolutely nothing that will work to solve the problem... all while blaming a "lack of leadership."

Hysterical fringe-leftists like Jayne whine a great deal.  They state the obvious.  And then they offer up precisely dick to solve the problem.

He compares aeronautical problems ("Airplanes falling out of the sky") that are, relatively speaking, easily identified and addressed, with emotional and mental problems which are neither.

He talks about a "shameful lack of action" and then provides absolutely nothing in the way of a course of action that would make any difference.

He just wants us to throw billions at the problem and hope that something sticks.

And then THIS stupidity:
And it starts with the issue of assault rifles. A friend of mine who is a police officer in a small town once explained that he has an assault rifle because it is faster and more accurate in protecting his family. Hey, at least those are reasons, and the explanation is more articulate than the simplistic rhetoric about our God-given right to possess killing machines at the expense of the general public.
While trite and time-worn, it's nevertheless true: guns don't kill any more than forks make us fat and wrenches fix cars.

I have a God-given right to possess killing machines (I possess a car, come to think of it.  And all the classes and licenses in the world don't stop tens of thousands of us from getting killed from wrecks every year, does it?)  if I am so inclined (And I am) and I have, in fact, possessed such machines since I received death threats thanks to this despicable rag, that's none of their business nor anyone else's.

That Greg doesn't happen to like my personal self-justification is as meaningless as Lefty Lou's fake claims of fairness.  I don't give a rat's ass if Greg or anyone else approves of what I have or why I have it... much like Greg could give a rat's ass as to what I think about his machine-gun mouth urging even greater infringement on my 2nd Amendment rights.

The Constitution... the same document that allows the democratian to spew their hate and ignorance every day, day in and day out... allows me this right.  And I would urge all of the fringe-left gun-grabbing scum who want to attack that right to feel free to change the Constitution if they believe they can.

Meanwhile, Greg confirms... cements, even... his stupidity on this issue:
Look, I’m not advocating the confiscation of all guns. I’m too pragmatic to think that would be wise, effective, or doable. I understand the Second Amendment, the reason it was included in the Bill of Rights, and the fact that guns are ingrained in our culture. I also understand the fact that background checks are not a panacea that can prevent mass shootings or would have prevented the Reynolds killing. 
But it is shameful for some in this country to insist that nothing can be done about gun violence. It is shameful to pretend this isn't a problem. It is pathetic to insist that this is a part of our culture. 
We’re better than this. We should act like it.
All while, once again, offering up absolutely nothing that would have changed any of what he's complaining about.

Clearly, you have to be a moron to be a leftist.  Whether the issue is guns or transportation, whining never solves anything.  And the petulant fringe-left nutters who continue to whine about transportation around here yet offer nothing to address that issue, and the arrogant know-nothing leftists in the local cancer on our community's complaints notwithstanding, it's better for them to keep their pie holes shut then it is to whine... and whine... and whine... all while offering up absolutely nothing to solve the problem.

You know... like Greg did, today?

He's better than this.  He should write like it.

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Pete Masterson said...

The left lies because they see the world through a prism of a leftist dream -- a perfect utopia operating on leftist ideas. They feel it is a moral imperative to reach their utopian dream. Anyone who disagrees with them is morally corrupt and evil. Thus, they hate, hate, hate the right -- and even those who might not be "right wing" but who still disagree with the hard core leftists that have taken over the Democratic party.

The left doesn't accept the facts that every socialist "experiment" has failed. That millions have been murdered by the left (between the Soviet Union, China, Southeast Asia, Korea, and Cuba there are nearly 100 million who have been killed. Makes Hitler look like a rank amateur.) But these crimes against humanity are all OK, because the utopian dream is paramount.

PS. Take a look at David Horowitz's "The Black Book of the American Left" a series of books where he has pulled together 20 years of his conservative articles. It lays out the left's utopian vision, such as it is, in stark clarity.