Saturday, June 14, 2014

More clueless campaigning from Bully Losingham?

Like the condemned woman watching the clock, Bully knows she's heading for a serious ass-kicking this November.  So do most democrats in the area.

I get that it's sucking more and more to be her.... but this kind of thing combined with her amoral ability to lie tends to point out how hopeless her quest truly is:

Clark County voters have, of course, repeatedly reject Loserham's stupidity.  Along with her fellow fringe-left nutjobs, her failure to demand that HER side compromise was but a symptom of the stupidity she's shilling now.

Bully's outright lie concerning "7000 jobs" that she made up out of whole cloth IS in keeping with her pathological liar meme, to be sure.  And, of course, the additional lies concerning "no one showing up" when legislators did, in fact, show up from both sides of the river, even her fellow clueless idiot Annette Cleveland, for example, shows how despicable and ignorant Lostitham is becoming as she realizes she is going to get crushed this fall.

It's not just that Bully Losingham is a moron: that comes with the territory when you're running as a democrat in the 18th.

It's not just that she's a pathological liar, the stench of her lie-filled speech at the dem goat rope condemns her for that.

It's that she whines... she bitches... she moans about the effort to actually solve our cross-river transportation problems... without offering ANY alternative!

As she has illustrated brilliantly, any dullard can complain: look at how much she does it if you're looking for an example.

But where the difference is between the clueless like Bully and the leaders like our Liz is this:

They strive to find solutions to the problems confronting us.  They try and make a difference.  They serach for answers that will make something positive happen.

All Bully does is bitch, because, I've got to tell you, neither Losingham nor any other leftist has offered a thing.



And that's because they haven't got anything TO offer.  And that's because they're out to punish us.  That's because we dared to stand up to them, and, By God, they can't have that.

Inslee's as clueless as Bully.  He came down here and babbled, got a quick job from lefty Lou, offered up precisely zero ideas on our transportation problems and slithered back up to Oly in preparation to his next boondoggle, taxpayer-funded overseas vacation... kinda like a junior Obama.

And this... is all,,, Lostitham has got to say about it?

Why, she's the fourth most worthless politician I know, right behind Briggs, Vick and Herrera.

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