Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lefty Lou wears out a set of knee-pads in front of Inslee on the oil terminal.

Well, THAT was refreshing.

Lefty actually didn't take another opportunity to bash the GOP Commissioners.

No, instead, he wore out a set of kneepads stroking Inslee.

He lies about him, of course: lefty lies a great deal when it comes to his agenda, and this is no exception:
Not everyone — including me — was sold on this guy when he became governor 18 months ago. The state economy was still a big mess, and the government needed to tighten its belt. A left-leaning Democrat did not feel like someone who could do that.
Much like Clark County, you mean?

Inslee has proven himself to be a clueless idiot, as most suspected.  But because he's going along with Lefty's scam on the oil terminal, all of a sudden Lefty makes him out to be Winston Churchill.  He no more "did that" than that moron in the White House "ended" the Iraq War.

The problem?

Inslee's the democrat equivalent of Jaime Herrera:  Talks a lot, whines a lot, snivels a lot, strokes the rag a lot and accomplishes absolutely nothing... a lot.

Inslee is a major reason the issue of additional bridges being built across the river is, essentially, dead for now.  He was moronic enough to join with the dishonest scum who attempted to ram the CRC/loot rail scam down our throats while ignoring what the people of Clark County want(ed)

And what does he offer in return?


And given Lefty's track record of ignoring leftist screw-ups and lies (Did, for example, Lefty launch a jihad against Tim "The Liar" Leavitt when it became clear he was getting elected ion a lie?

Of course not.  In Lefty's world, lies are just swell when they're for the right cause.)  it's not surprising that he'd have news sex with our brain-addled governor in return.
Yet today, Inslee appears to have found his sweet spot in the governor gig thing. 
Not too soft, not too hard, not too slick, not too rough.
Just too worthless.  Too confused by right and wrong.  Too much of a partisan hack.  Too tone deaf.  Too unwilling to accept responsibility for his multiple failures.

We actually could have elected a doorstop to governor and accomplished the same.
He has navigated his way through a contentious state legislative session. He has his head screwed on straight and his feet on the ground.
And accomplished... what?

The cooks in the cafeterias made it "through a contentious state legislative session" as well.  And when it comes to leadership and forming state policy, the governor had the same amount of impact, Lefty's kneepads notwithstanding.
Inslee was in town Thursday and visited The Columbian’s editorial board. He chatted with us for about an hour, and I found him very engaging.

Inslee swung by and since he's a fellow fringe-left nutter who doesn't give a damn what the people want around here (Precisely like Lefty, come to think of it) and since, like The Liar, he's on board with my issues, I'm going to give him a media BJ.
Inslee is well-versed on a lot of topics, but I was particularly interested in his view on the proposed oil terminal down at the port.
Inslee's had the key in his back wound up a couple of times, but otherwise, doesn't know shit from shinola.
Our friendly port commissioners have approved the controversial project. That sent a whole bunch of Vancouver residents into full rage mode. It also sent the Vancouver City Council into “What were you thinking?” mode. So the council slapped the port upside the head.
There is an almost unspeakable irony in the paragraph above: a mixture of Lefty's atypical hypocrisy and arrogance.

Imagine of that paragraph read this way:
Our friendly local political thugs have approved the controversial CRC Scam. That sent a whole bunch of Clark County residents into full rage mode. It also sent the county commission into “What were you thinking?” mode. So the commissioners and the Legislature slapped the thugs upside the head.
We'd never see that, of course.  Much like, after almost 2.5 years, this cancer on our local society has never reported the Oregon Supreme Court decision that laid out the truth of the light rail project wrapped into a bridge replacement.

See, it's OK if an entire county's residents are in "full rage mode."  When it comes to Lefty's agenda, nothing, including OUR rage, makes any difference to him.  So, he turns that crap on and off like a switch.

Isn't his rank hypocrisy charming?

The oil terminal should be built.  My attitude towards the fringe-left nutters whining about it is the same as their attitude towards the residents of this county who came to hate the CRC Scam with a passion.

How many times over the years did the scumbag editor of the democratian lie to us?  How many times did he fail us in his duty to tell the truth?  How many times did he... and has he... savaged those smart enough to get in the way?  What has he done to support any efforts to find new, acceptable solutions that don't include the hated loot rail?

So, my only hope is that engaging our esteemed governor, he at least had the common sense to use a dental dam.

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Jack Buckmeir said...

where oh where are the legions of Leftist Hypocrites abandoning their automobiles like demented Lemmings and performing their daily travels and errands on foot?? the lying, hypocritical bastards don't exist. but the scumlumbian "ignores" that fact.