Friday, June 13, 2014

Inslee goes full moron on the CRC.

Look, I get that the democrats generally and Inslee particularly are just the tiniest bit miffed about getting their collective head caved in on the CRC/loot rail scam they were running.

I appreciate the fact that the democratian was stupid enough to do an article where Inslee reinforced that the will of the people is a meaningless exercise to him and the rest of the democrats.

It amounted to a GOP mailer.

I get that he's stuck in a rut where he can't get anything on his agenda done.  I get that he's perhaps the most worthless political leader since Obama. I get that he was outmaneuvered, out-planned and out-thought on this multi-billion dollar rip off.  I ESPECIALLY get where he was embarrassed to the core by the LaHood debacle.

I get all of that.

What's missing?

The same thing missing from all of these petulant, fringe-left pouting clowns: solutions.

He has none.

No democrat down here has any ideas about how to fix the problem.  All they can do is whine and snivel and obstruct because all possible solutions have, effectively, been co-opted by the BBC, and since their focus is on punishing us instead of solving the problem, all they're about is obstructing anything they haven't thought up.

Meanwhile, the people suffer.

Ain't that always the way of the left?

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