Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More editorial idiocy from the democratian.

In keeping with their bloodthirsty political philosophy of "never letting a good crisis go to waste," the local daily democrat spews their typical "The sky is falling" response.

Today, it was the "mass-shooting" at Reynolds High School.

They naturally start by bringing up the few incidents like yesterday's... while, naturally, ignoring the incidents where guns saved lives, stopped crimes, and made a positive impact.

Can't discuss that: it upsets the meme and would show some of that basic fairness the rag has been ignoring on the CRC Scam for all these years... another fringe-left, people-be-damned-agenda that led to lies of omission and COmission.

Naturally, the gun-grabbers point to what happened yesterday as, well, a reason to punish those of us who obey the law for the actions of those who ignore it.

And, precisely like the moron in charge of Seattle, they failed to show where their pet perception... and the moronic initiative they will be rabidly supporting... would have made any difference: not only in yesterday's shooting, but in ANY shooting.

And that's the thing.  There's no advocacy on the democratian's part to enforce the gun laws we have now any more than they advocate enforcing the immigration laws we have now.

The results are frequently the same:  and before the gun grabbers get their way, what say we enforce the laws we actually have now and maximize the punishment of those who illegally use gins, eh?

You know, just for yuks?


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