Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Democrat Former 17th District Senate candidate Martin Hash weighs in on Commissioner Ed Barnes.

Martin Hash, a rather bright and well educated fellow (I believe the only certification he doesn't have is plumber) weighed in on my observations concerning the appointment of fringe-left union hack Ed Barnes to Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart's abandoned commissioner seat.
Many thanks to Ed Barnes for showing how of touch the democrats are with the people of Clark County.
When I was running for 17th Senate, Ed Barnes was my bud. He told me all about his connection to CRC, even driving me along the proposed alternate route to prove that a "3rd Bridge" was impossible. (His opinion.) He hung with me at meetings, and introduced me to his wife. I liked the guy. HOWEVER, when I needed him to endorse me for the 17th gig, he said he couldn't because The Union was endorsing my opponent (a Republican!). For Ed Barnes, friendship and rationality is secondary to Union Hackship. I'll sign an affidavit on that.

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