Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Don't confuse Delavar with Brat.

Economics Professor David "Giant Killer" Brat put the stones of anger and frustration into his slingshot and slew the mighty Rep. Eric Cantor, House Majority leader, last night.

Don't confuse Michael Delevar with David Brat.

As a member of House Leadership, Cantor had a much higher profile than our non-profile Herrera.  He also got to call many of the shots in the House, whereas our cardboard cut out of a congresswoman can't even decide what donuts to get the office.

Yes, Herrera has a fund raising edge likely bigger than the one Cantor had over Brat.  But those around here seem to actually believe she's worth keeping in office when I, for one, don't believe that she's capable of running an elevator.

The democrat speed bump, Bob Dingethal, is no better.  He can't attack Jaime for taking the democrat positions she's supported of bigger debt, because burying this nation in debt is what democrats are all about.

Since Herrera's only mission in life is to remain in office, she keeps her mouth shut on almost every subject, deigning to drop the odd press release when the mood strikes or when her keeper, Cathy McMorris, orders her to do so.

Delevar's problem?  (Besides being so broke he can't get his message... whatever that is... out there?)  He's got nothing to hang his hook on.

Like Brat, Delavar is broke.  Except he's even worse off than Brat by a huge margin: Professor Brat raised over $200K while, to date, Delavar has raised $7K.

National conservative figures have rallied around Brat, including several national talk-show types. And, while Herrera is a wholely-owned DC subsidiary, she was just one of Cantor's foot soldiers... reduced to crashing Super Bowl functions at the White House to get the selfies.

Delavar went on Lars Larson's show and committed an almost Hillary-like political suicide.  So, there's not going to be any love there.

And he's smack dab in the PaulBot crew around here which, with their unbelievable arrogance, makes him unelectable.

So.... no.  Don't confuse Professor Dave Brat with airline pilot Michael Delavar.  As giddy as Cantor's defeat is for conservatives, there's just no there, there.

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