Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What does Obama's failure in Iraq teach our allies?

As I type this, there is wholesale slaughter going on in northern Iraq.  And that blood... every drop of it... along with the blood of all of those killed or wounded during the Iraq War... is on his hands as well.

Oceans of it. And it sits there because he abandoned the Iraqi people.

Our president has no more idea how to run foreign policy than he does to write in Sanskrit.

Thousands of us have died over there... tens of thousands have been wounded, both physically and mentally.

Billions of dollars have gone to waste and now, al Qaida is stronger than ever... while the moron in the White House does nothing.

Oh, he's not the first.

The exact same thing happened after we abandoned the South Vietnamese to their fate.  Many of them were slaughtered by a vengeful North while we sat by and did nothing... with 60,000 dead to show for it and tens of thousands more wounded.

That was on Nixon/Ford's watch.  that ocean of blood rests on their hands.

Bush, Senior, has the same problem.

In the first Iraq war, our friends in the Kurdish region fought valiantly and on our side.

Bush Senior effectively abandoned them to Saddam's tender mercies... he gassed thousands of them, killing around 5000 and injuring an additional 15000 or so.

Their deaths resulted from our abandonment.

Now, our friends in Mosul, Tikrit and Samarra are "enjoying" the fruits of getting sucked in by promises this country never had any intention of keeping... the last town listed just 70 miles outside of Baghdad

Men, women and children.  Slaughtered by the practitioners of the "Religion of Peace" (tm)

Because they were stupid enough to believe us.

And what does this tell our Allies?

How can any of them, with a straight face, depend on us?

And Obama just released 5 of these murdering pigs in return for what sure appears to be a deserter... and maybe millions of dollars?

Genius.  Sheer, unadulterated genius.

God... how this moron makes me long for the days of even Jimmy Carter.  And I never, ever, thought I could ever say that.


Martin Hash said...

Or you could have a sense of relief: "Thank god weren't not involved in that mess!"

Just a guy said...

Tell you what, Martin: next time you see a Gold Star parent or a disfigured veteran, what say you run that line by them?

Obama is allowing our enemies (Like we think this is magically going to stop at the borders of Iraq) to put their foot on much of the world's oil jugular.

Meanwhile, a country who is supposed to give a word that means something has turned their backs on yet another "ally." And thousands of men, women and children are dying as I type this as a result.

No wonder Karzai tells us to "fuck off."

Nope, sorry, Martin. Unborn generations will pay for this colossal, avoidable, failure.