Monday, June 09, 2014

Many thanks to Ed Barnes for showing how of touch the democrats are with the people of Clark County.

As expected, the dimmest bulb on the tree got the gig as short-term commissioner and he is assuming his role flawlessly.  But who knew that he was such a big fan of Hitler's propaganda techniques?

There is no greater project or possibility of a project hated more than the CRC /loot rail Scam.

Crushed at the polls last November, hated by anyone not a fringe-left democrat union hack, Ed Barnes will spend the next several months reinforcing that the democrats want what they want, and screw the rest of the people of this county who have thrown former Commissioner Marc Boldt out of office for his inexplicable support of this scam; who've seen former Commissioner Steve "Slimeball" Stuart realize that he had zero chance of re-election because of his complete, decade-plus long support of this theft and his subsequent sell out of the people of this county... and pay off with a cush, city manager gig for betraying the people of this county in his TriMet contract sell out.

And Barnes doesn't care or even acknowledge it.

And that's what I'm thanking Barnes for.

He will continue to pound a horse so-dead that even a dim bulb like Barnes should be capable of detecting the stench.  And that will continue to be their 800 pound gorilla looming in every room where a democrat sits.

Of course, one of the huge, glaring and gaping holes in the democrats petulant, playground bullshit, including that of Ed Barnes, is that none of them have come up with any other ideas.  Their entire shtick is to resuscitate the CRC Scam... with zero other possibilities.

When  it comes to the transportation projects on the board, Barnes is so stupid that he has to ask the question "One of the concerns I have is … they (are) going to put it out for a vote, and (Madore's) statement is there will be no cost for the county. So why put it up for a vote if someone else is paying for it?"

This kind of thing cements Barnes and the other's fringe-left idiocy:

It should be put up to a vote because the people said it should.  Regardless as to "who is paying for it."

And that's the part the fringe-leftists infesting us don't get.

For Barnes to allege that Commissioner Mielke is "crude" is like Mullah Omar accusing someone else of being a terrorist.  In his testimony, Barnes has done everything but pull a gun on these two (Like that's made any difference?) and he's going to claim Mielke is "crude?"

Well, Barnes is scum.  But that's why he got the gig... to show the rest of the county what a bag of complete morons the leftists are.

That Barnes is nothing more than a fringe-left sock-puppet is illustrated by an inability to point out one single thing the commissioners have done correctly.

He's playing to form beautifully.  And he's going to make the democrats suffer because of it.

The lies this guy spews astound the senses.
But his reliance on Adolf Hitler's Nazi propaganda philosophies IS telling:
How would you respond to your critics, who say you slow down the process for county meetings by reiterating the same points, meeting after meeting? 
I respond to that the way David did when he (filed his complaint) against C-Tran, or against the Columbia River Crossing. The longer you repeat something (eventually) people realize there's a problem.
  • But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.
The longer Barnes babbles about the CRC Scam, the bigger the democrat's "problem" is going to get.
Wherever you go in this state, the minute you mention you're from Clark County, people say "I'm sorry for you — for that." We never had that reputation before. That's because (the commissioners) continue to battle everybody. They've badmouthed the people across the river, who they now want to get money from them for a third bridge.
1.  How often is anyone asked "what county are you from?"

I get why Barnes lies about this: but if that crap were true... then why are so many people... and businesses... moving here?

See, it's not just that Barnes is a liar and so willing to trash his own county to attack Madore and Mielke, it's also that he does it so badly.

2.  Actually, Barnes, YOU "continue to battle everybody."  The people hate what you want: and Pridemore is going to find out how much they hate it the more you talk.

So, welcome to Ed Barnes.

As I expected, he'll do more to get... and keep... Republicans elected than any other democrat.

By the time this is over, Craig Pridemore will wish that Ed Barnes had never been born.

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Martin Hash said...

When I was running for 17th Senate, Ed Barnes was my bud. He told me all about his connection to CRC, even driving me along the proposed alternate route to prove that a "3rd Bridge" was impossible. (His opinion.) He hung with me at meetings, and introduced me to his wife. I liked the guy. HOWEVER, when I needed him to endorse me for the 17th gig, he said he couldn't because The Union was endorsing my opponent (a Republican!). For Ed Barnes, friendship and rationality is secondary to Union Hackship. I'll sign an affidavit on that.