Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Many disconsolate RINO's are running around doing their "sky is falling" imitation after their Cantor debacle.

The establishment GOP generally is a fearful lot.

The gnat fell an elephant yesterday in Virginia.  And the establishment's knee jerks completely off it's leg as they desperately come up with a spin they think will work instead of doing what they should do: examining the "why" of it.

Out-democrating the democrats on many of the hot button issues confronting us is usually a non-starter.

Eric Cantor became the Marc Boldt of the House GOP yesterday: Cantor lost in large part because of his tin ear, Boldt lost in large part because of HIS tin ear.

And their rabid supporters, instead of drilling down, discovering and acknowledging the problems that caused this defeat that shattered most political Richter scales, the GOP falls back on to their bullet point, pre-positioned excuses.

Democrats understand that: they're playing the GOP like a cheap violin... again... and those in charge of that organization are going along with that.  Mitch McConnell, for example, trying to bail out his establishment buddy down in Mississippi at a fund raiser, for example.

We're now told by some talking heads that if the GOP "sticks to their guns" on the issues that cost Cantor his job, they are guaranteeing Hillary's election in 16.

Well, I'm not so sure, particularly that here lately, Hillary has been showing both the intelligence and political awareness of a rock ape.  ("Left the White House dead broke?"  Seriously?  That's a commercial that writes itself.)

My issue is that I really don't care if Hillary wins or a RINO wins, since they're essentially one and the same.

If a GOP'er touting democrat talking points becomes president... then in the words of Saint Hillary, "what possible difference does it make?"

Let's remember, kids, the GOP has been willing accomplices in the programs Obama has been pushing, in everything from turning our military into a weak, progressive social organization to shoving us into bankruptcy to selling out on illegal aliens to running a foreign policy that your average 3rd grader could do a better job completing.

And Cantor was a huge player in that.

So, I'm all about trying the long-forgotten concept of sticking to GOP principles this time instead of leaning so far left... ala Rob McKenna, that you can't walk straight down a crooked road.

Titles have long since become meaningless to me: Herrera , for example, should be Rep. Jaime Herrera (Worthless - 3rd District) instead of Republican - 3rd District.

The worst that can happen is that the GOP loses.  And, I believe, that if the GOP loses instead of a fake Republican winning, that can't be all bad... can it?

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Martin Hash said...

America can proudly claim being the oldest modern democracy but being first has the disadvantage of not getting it quite right. We're essentially a 2-Party system rather than a parliament which can accommodate many ideologies. There also needs to be Tea Parties, and Progressives, and Libertarians to go along with Democrats & Republicans - but there ain't.