Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So, Cantor loses. What's it all mean? (Jon Russell is no doubt giddy... he's in that district.)

First of all, I'm thrilled.  But I'm not sure it means what some would like it to mean.

There's no denying this is a huge get for the Tea Party.  But meanwhile, uber RINO Lindsey Graham apparently survived the process in South Carolina and he's a huge supporter of illegal alien amnesty.

Was this a "Tea Party" victory?  In part.  But it was also a cross-section of GOP'ers fed up with establishment betrayal and fear.

My position has always been that the major problems confronting the GOP have been those of competence and strategy.

If you don't get your voters to the polls, then you can be the greatest candidate with the most fantastic platform in history and they're still likely to lose.  So instead of addressing issues of minority outreach and piss poor technology, the GOP runs around in a panic screaming that they have to become democrat-lite to win.

In this instance, it resulted in Cantor.  But in SC, it was same-o, same-o.

Cantor spent $5 million to brat's roughly $200K. Cantor has been one of the RINO's pushing to cave on illegal aliens.  The end result of Cantor's policies, even though not yet implemented, is the squalor we see in Arizona as the Clown-in-Chief continues to ignore the law he's sworn to uphold by dumping thousands of illegals in Arizona because of their anti-illegal alien stance.

Cantor was one of those who figured prominently on my federal "do not elect" list.  He was soundly beaten in the primary (55-44 at this point) and this sends an unmistakable message.

Cantor made history tonite: he was the first sitting House Majority Leader to EVER lose in the primary.

And he deserved to lose.  Will he now endorse his opponent?  Or will the establishment types around him whine and snivel and pick up their football and go home.

The question now becomes this: did the Boehner wing of the party get the message?

Meanwhile, Russell is no doubt salivating.

He's been rebuilding his political fortunes in Culpeper, VA, because they, of course, have not come to know him the way we have.

And that's fine: it's a free country.  But as the people come to know him, they'll come to feel the same way about him that most of us do.

And Jon... I'm looking forward to your next run for office, since we both know your plan is to ditch Culpeper as soon as possible for bigger and better things.

I'll be here.  And I'll start much, much sooner.

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