Wednesday, November 29, 2017

When Tracy Wilson goes full-blown liar.

The power behind the scenes that built a sock puppet state Senator out of whole cloth, Tracy Wilson, came out full blown liar today.

Now, we all get that Lynda Wilson is that sock puppet, doing anything she's told.  Wilson, for his part, is doing his best to politically kill off conservatives and get as many RINOs that he can personally manipulate into office as possible: his moronic support of my idiotic brother-in-law coming immediately to mind, an election we've all suffered for as a result.

He sees himself as some sort of political genius, the smartest guy in the room.  An ALMOST Gellatly-type arrogance and narcissism that went on full display as the clown and his posse running the local GOP once again broke the rules with a pseudo-endorsement of Rivers' puppet, Larry Hoff, by shilling the Reflector puff piece on the county GOP facebook page. It's a blatant violation of the required neutrality in a contested primary, but just one of many rule violations that the thugs running the show engage in when it comes to their jihad against conservatives.

Today's episode clearly shows that Wilson is all about revisionist history concerning the effort Liz Pike put into dragging Lynda Wilson across the finish line to get Wilson elected to the state house.

Let me make it perfectly clear: without Liz Pike's assistance and guidance, there would not have been a Rep. Lynda Wilson.  Period.

Tracy, for his part, wrongly believing that he is substantially responsible for that electoral success, shows the narcissistic arrogance so favored by the RINO scum running the party organization for now.

Here, in his own words, is how he did it.

This is Wilson at his lying, scumbag best.  Liz Pike worked her butt off to get Lynda Wilson elected, only to be abandoned by the Wilsons when their butt-buddy Rivers went out and recruited Shane Bowman to run against Liz because Liz was outspoken in her opposition to Rivers' gas tax/tab fee scam, wherein Rivers promised to oppose those cancers on our society only to betray us all when the time came... and, when Liz ran against my fringe-left idiot brother-in-law for county chair.

I call it lying.  Rivers called is a "business decision."

When Lynda Wilson stood in front of the PCO's in this county and lied to their faces about the effects of her budget vote by falsely claiming our property taxes would be lower, I knew there was no hope for her.

When a RINO like Tracy Wilson comes out to belittle the effort that ultimately resulted in the election of a now-worthless shadow of a former conservative, it's clearly the kind of megalomaniacal crap that's infected Davey Delete, the moron running the local GOP.

Wilson can, and no doubt will, lie about this repeatedly in his effort to keep his fellow leftist, Marc Boldt, in office.  But those in the know, know the truth.  And when I see him spew garbage like this?

I WILL call him on it.

"Faced with the truth?"

Not from someone writing like a compulsive liar.

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