Sunday, September 10, 2017

And yet ANOTHER insight to Davey Gellatly. (WARNING: Pictures that are NOT Work Suitable OR Family Friendly)

A bunch of Davey's buddies have been popping up out of the word work to defend Davey and to attack those... like me... who believe the GOP would be best served with him out of it.

I've posted about Davey's extensive low-level criminal record, including multiple DUI's and failure-to-appear warrants and so forth.  And whenever the heat gets turned up on our local Clueless GOP leader, a group of people we've never heard of pop up as if by magic to attack those with similar concerns.

Last night, one "Adrian Kallimanis" popped up... kinda like the mole in the whack-a-mole game.  Clearly, Davey is rounding up his friends to come onto SWWO to "defend" him.  The problem, of course, is that he's not all that smart about who is friends are.

Adrian, here, is no exception.  And he artfully defended Glorious Leader thusly:

Screen capture of one of Gellatly's winged monkeys coming in to trash Davey's opposition.

Yo, Adrian!  You did it!

Well, I do what I typically do in these circumstances... and I looked this guy up.

In addition to the at LEAST 53 times HE's been ticketed/arrested for various infractions... Various Felonies and the like... Possession, Suspended license, uninsured, speeding... the usual disregard for the law... imagine my surprise that an "FoD" (Friend of Davey) would be up to his neck in the business of strip clubs!

Imagine!  Davey in strip joints?  Wonder what the wife thinks of THIS association.

Well, here's what ol' Adrian (and Davey?) seem to be up to:

AT this point, I know far more about DRG than I ever wanted to.

Just like I know that Davey, BEING Davey like crapped a Volkswagen when he saw ol' Adrian's post and, in keeping with Davey's standard practice, he had Adrian delete it.

But not, well, before the magic of screen capture.

Some evidence never dies, Davey.

So please, knock off the "what does my wife think of these posts" notes and messages you read here.  Because it appears that such is the least of your concerns.

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