Wednesday, November 15, 2017

RINOs gear up to make sure Liz Pike isn't replaced by a conservative.

I wasn't terribly surprised to see garbage like this:

Everyone in that video, start to finish, is a total, establishment sell out.

I'm particularly taken by the fact that none of those babbling here in favor of Hoff, besides the two RINOs left in the district, represent us.  Sadly, when it comes to the issues important to the people of the 18th, Rivers and Vick rarely represent us either.

They hate conservatives.  At least one, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, has actively recruited a candidate to run against Rep. Liz Pike because Pike opposed Rivers' gas tax betrayal... publicly.

The others, from Jaime Herrera to Greg Kimsey are all gearing up to screw us on the CRC.  Kimsey was a vocal proponent of that rip off who had actually endorsed that insanity.  The others in the legislature have flipped their positions and now will join with the democrats in ignoring the people of SW Washington in ramming the resurrected CRC down our throats.

The Wilson Cheerleaders are just as slimey.

Of course they want Hoff.  Hoff will be Rivers' puppet, where Liz refused to play along.

Hoff supported the gas tax increase, tab fee increases, the most recent rape of a budget and every other thing the Rivers-Wilson cabal did to injure us.

They picked him because he's already indicated a willingness to sell us out like they have.

That every RINO in office in SW Washington wants this guy elected is the exact reason to oppose him... unless, of course, you want more of the same.

And more of the same is voting like your last name is Jimmy Moeller.

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