Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The stupidity of RINOs generally and the RINO US Senate particularly, now on display for all to see.

Stupid is as stupid does, even in politics.

The brain dead GOP idiots demanding Moore step down are doing that for one reason and one reason only: to make sure a conservative does not get elected to the Senate.

Yes, RINOs, living up to their name, would rather have a fringe-left democrat win the seat than anyone to the right of Mao.

Make no mistake: this has nothing to do with 40 year old questionable conduct.  It has everything to do with getting rid of a very conservative candidate who likely would not go along with the establishment.

The irony of all of this is clear:  Should Moore actually do what these clowns want, it would GUARANTEE that the democrat would win.

Why?  Simple math.

Moore's name will be on the ballot regardless.  A HUGE percentage of voters will still vote for the man.  Anyone else they run would have to run as a write-in.  And anyone voting for a write-in is splitting the vote, effectively guaranteeing the democrat the seat.

Think the RINOs and even the other fake conservatives don't know that?

Exclusive of the increasingly bogus claims against Judge Moore, exclusive of the amazing timing of these fake claims, exclusive of the history of these same types of fake claims against other candidates, primarily conservatives; exclusive of the fact the leftist liars went full tilt in the most recent election cycle to use bogus allegations to win elections generally and the presidency in particular (Where did all of those women with THEIR fake allegations run off to?) the reality is these clowns would rather have a leftist in the seat than a conservative.

Here is what they SHOULD do and should have BEEN doing:

They should have continued their support of Moore.  They should have taken every step possible to insure his election.  They should not only have remembered the recent past elections, but they should understand that if the leftists are successful, ANY Republican running for office is just as liable to be the subject of these same kinds of 40 year old attacks... and they will be made up.

Because, after all, the goal is to politically kill someone for a short term election gain... and it doesn't cost them anything, with, in fact, 10's of millions of dollars in earned media resulting.

Support the man.  Fund him.  Give him a trial outside the newspapers/web sites if those same women don't vaporize like it seems they did when these same moronic stunts were tried against President Trump during his campaign.

If and only if, the allegations are proven.... then the Senate can kick him out or he can resign.

Of course, given the many alleged sexual harassment complaints against those in Congress now, maybe they wouldn't be so hot to trot to kick out someone when many of those warming those seats are likely guilty of far worse.

And THEN, the GOVERNOR, can appoint his replacement...  (And no, the new Governor had not endorsed either Strange nor Moore in the primary) and it's likely such a replacement would be both a Republican and at least a little bit more to the right than the democrat the RINOs are working so hard to elect.

As it is now, if the RINOs get their way, they'll be no appointment.  And once again, these idiots will have managed to lose the GOP another seat... not that it matters all that much, given the rank idiocy of those running the show in the GOP Senate now.

But there is at least a glimmer of a chance of keeping the seat in GOP hands if you keep running Moore.

There is no chance of keeping this seat GOP for the next 6 years... zero... none... if they don't.

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