Thursday, November 16, 2017

A nice shot of Davey Delete checking in at his buddy's strip club. How about an explanation, ladies?

Wasn't that long ago.

We remember his pal Adrian, right?

He posted this little tidbit after Davey Delete started bringing his winged monkeys in to defend him from the attacks he's so richly deserved.

Adrian is no Shakespeare, but hey, you gotta take care of the paying customers, right?

After finding out what his buddy Adrian did for a living, why, I just had to let the world know that the guy runs a strip club where Davey hangs out.

The other day, Davey Delete was trying to get people to believe he didn't know the guy and, well, gee, HE could hardly be responsible for what someone else writes... especially after making that guy delete it after I outed him.

Well, here's a fond memory of ol' Adrian and Davey together.  I'm sure it was just DRG doing GOP outreach or something... but the claim made by Delete... that the guy HE BROUGHT IN to defend him wasn't a friend, well, kinda falls apart in the face of the evidence.

One of these fellows appears to be Davey Delete.  The rather large gentleman on the left appears to be a fellow named Adrian
Are Davey and Adrian blood relatives?  No, although Adrian does appear to be close enough to Davey to refer to him as "brotha."

Nope.... not blood relatives.  But let's just agree that they're a bit more than nodding acquaintances and that, once again, Davey Delete was lying.

Of course, he knew that... which is why he made that thread disappear.

Right, Davey?

And here's the question that puzzles me, to put it mildly: why are the women in the GOP putting up with this?

Why are so many so slavishly devoted to this scumbag who obviously objectifies women in a way no decent man would consider?

Why does Carolyn Crain carry this clown's water like Gunga Din?  Why doesn't it matter to her that this guy had no problem trashing her to me to get her nailed in my blog?

I don't get it.  Otherwise decent women who hate conservatives so much they've become Davey Delete's tools.  RINOs that slavishly support him because they hate anyone to the right of Lenin.  And his conduct is sickening, both within... and without... the job.

Like none of this matters.

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