Friday, August 04, 2017

GOP continues to sink in the 45th... as the typical right break doesn't happen.

As expected, the GOP candidate in the 45th District senate race continues to sink.

Instead of gaining votes based on the vaunted "right" break that typically happens post election night, returns have shown GOP candidate Englund sinking from an election night 42.6% to a 42.02%  of the vote now.

The combined vote she's behind between the democrat candidate and the pro-income tax independent now exceeds 5000.

Do not mislead or delude yourself into thinking that this kind of gap can somehow, magically, be overcome in the general, particularly in an off-year election.  It can't.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.  Unless the GOP can prove the democrat is some sort of child molester, then this thing is over.

This is exactly what I've been forecasting and in this instance, those who betrayed us time after time after time in the senate by voting like Jim Moeller controlled their strings will have no one to blame but themselves for losing out.

And they deserve it.

Totally unnecessary... but, I'm given to understand that arrogance goes before a fall.  And this is certainly that.

Right, Sen. Rivers?

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