Monday, August 07, 2017

Gotta wonder: do the delusional in the GOP Senate get it yet? Englund continues to collapse post election night.

Wow... the GOP never gives up living in their bubble.

First they run a campaign based on a lie (If you don't elect Englund in the 45th, we ARE going to get an income tax!  You know, as if the GOP-controlled state senate hadn't screwed us enough already and, of course, as if the change in the state constitution required to get a state income tax wouldn't require BOTH a 2/3rds vote of BOTH legislative houses AND a vote of the people) and THEN, they double down on the lie by telling us this primary vote is meaningless... which explains spending over a $1 million on it... because it's "meaningless."

Well, here's the reality:

The total pro-income tax vote has expanded from 1800 or so election night to 6400 or so as of Friday.

Every day, Englund is doing worse and worse and what the GOP is hanging their hats on is the fake income tax scam that was a lie, start to finish.

The problem, of course, is that the GOP has been screwing the people of this state for the last two years without let up.

The biggest gas tax and tab fee increases in our state history, the income tax they've ALREADY implemented as they caved on the leftist demand to fund their socialist paid leave scam, the forking over of $5.5 billion to the WEA teacher union clowns with a single teacher accountability rule or requirement for improvement; the bizarre idea that they are NOW going to try and charge US Citizens MORE for a driver's license that illegal aliens... and the list goes on.

Instead of providing the GO base with actions that motive them to support GOP candidates, they've accomplished just the opposite.

And now, they're rightfully getting hung out to dry.

They seem incapable of understanding it.  They simply can't explain why this is happening.

They continue to bend us over, demand that we turn around and look at them and scream, "THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?" all while they wonder why they're losing this election as they will lose additional elections in 2018.

The reasons for anyone paying attention are obvious.

A blind squirrel could see it in a minute.

But they can't.

And that's really too bad.

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