Monday, August 07, 2017

Proud to be a Boger Thug

Did ol' Brent Boger break the law by outing a private communication to him from a constituent?

There's a question, eh?

I really don't know.  I DO know that unless posted in public, all constituent communications were privileged when I was on legislative staff, no matter how sent or received.

Put Mr. Petulant RINO Democrat-supporting Jerk doesn't think so, and as a result, he published a communication yesterday because he didn't like what was in it.

Look, Boger should do everyone a favor and quit screwing around and just declare he's a democrat and be done with it.

He supports democrats most of the time... ALL of the time when they're running against conservatives...  much like he supported my moron of a brother-in-law who has been such an abysmal disaster as county chair... much like he's supporting the babe o' the month for the C3G2 hate site over Dan Coursey in Washougal, because Brent's buddy was outed as some sort of sex fiend via text message.

As for me, these days I'm a designated "thug." according to Boger.  Still back in the day, ol' Brent didn't have ANY problem feeding me information when the time came to stab his buddy, Sean "Officer" Guard in the back:
Odd, isn't it? 
Boger used to be so helpful to the blog he now calls "disgraced." 
Take this beaut, for example: 

And the picture he sent me?

And then this dandy little article:  (Hey, Sean... if you're wondering what Brent REALLY thinks about you, well, wonder no more!) 
 I have a ton of this sort of thing archived, much of it from those trying to attack me now.
Yeah, ol' Brent is pretty snarky these days.  In fact, he reminds me of another multiple-faced politician of local renown:

 But we all know where Brent's political sympathies lay:

The leftists bailed Brent out and, well, the picture of Brent and his BFF (He thinks) Lefty Lou tends to speak for itself.

And now, Brent's in the "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms" phase.

The Rivers laughing stock is a bit upset that he survived executive board action... barely... as rumors swirl about how DRG pounded yet ANOTHER nail into his own political coffin by voting to keep Boger in.

But that said, I'm proud to count myself among the Boger Thugs.  As long as I'm pissing him off, I know I can't be far wrong.  But the bigger question?

If no one is paying attention to those Boger has promoted to "thug," then why is writing about us... at all?

A paltry 17,000 people, for whatever the reason, took the time to view my last two bitch-slaps of this punk.

Gotta wonder: how many is this going to be good for?

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