Thursday, November 30, 2017

Congratulations to Davey Gellatly and the RINO CCGOP Administration: overdrawn at the bank.

RINOs around here falsely claim that they're "fiscally conservative."

The fact that here locally, RINOs support such massive spenders as Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, who has voted for billions upon billions in increased gas and property taxes, for example, puts the lie to that observation.

And, of course, there are many different versions of "fiscal conservativism." Most recently, the brand practiced by the Clark County GOP under the guidance of local thug Davey Gellatly is referred to as "deficit spending," or "spending money the party doesn't have," or, more simply, being "overdrawn at the bank."

Yesterday, I observed an email from the party Treasurer that because the Clueless Clown running the show failed to shut off an automatic payment to the phone bank vendor, set up to as part of the disaster that was Gellatly's and Carolyn Crain's Hindenburg campaign that resulted in Kris Greene getting killed at the polls here a few weeks ago (Memo to candidates: if you're going to get advice on how to run your campaign, get it from first, people who have actually WON a campaign and second, people who actually have a clue. You had neither.) the party is overdrawn at the bank.

As I and others have stated, Gellatly's idiocy in running the show, his rank incompetence and arrogance WILL run the party into the ground, and the end result is, as been shown to be the case, a party that is, essentially, flat broke.

Those claiming GOP affiliation... no matter how little they pay attention to the tenets of Republicanism, dominate politics in this county.  How can a county political organization in such a situation find itself broke?

Well, the responsibility for this horrific outcome begins and ends with the disastrous chairmanship of Davey "Insane Clown" Gellatly.  The simple fact is that when Der Fuhrer took over, the party was solvent.  Now, apparently, it is not.  And just like when a ship runs aground, the captain, ultimately, is to blame.

It's no surprise to this blogger, given how many times I've pointed out that the party is out of money and at this point, can't pay its bills.  It's not like this couldn't be seen since Davey's horrific debacle of a failed Lincoln Day Dinner disaster... a debacle I anticipated and predicted and which ultimately, has been proven true.

The calamity of Gellatly's leadership has resulted in many of the traditional party funders slamming their checkbooks shut.

And who can blame them?

The only hope is for fellow RINOs (Tracy Wilson, you listening?) to open up THEIR checkbooks and keep this Titanic afloat.

They broke it.  They shattered the winning team that has resulted in more GOP candidates in office then at any other time in party history.

They own it. When the GOP loses seats because the base stays home or votes democrat in retaliation, as I intend to do, much like the RINOs voted democrat to get back at conservatives, that will be on them.  They will own the outcomes.

Just like they own Gellatly.

Clyde?  Tracy?  Pay up.  After all, what's a few thousand bucks when it comes to you losers playing politics?

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