Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The RINO/Fake Conservative misunderstanding of the GOP's RINOism losing them the Senate.

My stalker seems really peeved that I called the Englund race like a pool shot... (3 ball in the corner...)

Besides the fact that it was as obvious to me as the Trump win, I took no pleasure in it beyond that of a confirmation that I was right.

The loss of the Senate doesn't concern me.  THAT it doesn't concern me goes to the heart of the matter.

We will not notice any appreciable difference between leftists control and leftist light.

The whining of the RINOs and their demands that we continue to support them in spite of their lies and their demonstrated lack of integrity are falling on increasingly deaf ears.

The whining of some that we should just STFU and keep voting lying scum back into office got them nowhere in the 45th... and it's not going to get them anywhere next November, either.

Had the GOP-Controlled Senate actually VOTED like Republicans instead of democrats, then yeah, I would have been concerned.  Terrified, in fact.

But time after time after time... when it mattered... they voted like the 25 of them were named Moeller.

Rivers' gas tax/tab fee scam.

Rivers' resurrection of the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Rivers' sell out on McCleary that has increased our property taxes by hundreds, that she has lied about publicly (I guarantee your property taxes are going down).

The Senate's sell out on charging citizens more for drivers licenses than illegal aliens, who shouldn't get licenses or any other support at all.

The Senate's passage of the state version of the Dream Act, that allows illegal aliens to have in-state tuition WHILE making sure that THEY come before citizens when it comes to getting seats in our universities... all while making them eligible for state, taxpayer-paid financial aid.

The implementation of a back door income tax, soaking employees and employers with a .4 percent tax to pay for paid family leave.

Each of these things were leftist goals, dutifully implemented by, you guessed it, the RINO-Controlled State Senate.

When confronted with that variety of legislative record, it was the same scam local RINOs ran on us to get their leftist buddy and my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, elected county chair with 39% of the vote.
While we don’t individually endorse all of his votes during that very long period of his service, and some of them concern several of us, we value Marc’s character, collegial temperament, ability to listen as well as to lead, and maturity in addressing different points of view. Furthermore, his perspective as a farmer, truck driver, and small business leader is essential on our council.
"While we don’t individually endorse all of his votes during that very long period of his service, and some of them concern several of us..."

Even these same RINOs that bailed on the GOP candidate running as a write in, acknowledged that Boldt's actual voting record, WHICH IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS, sucked.

And so what did this RINO crew tell us to do?

Ignore what he has done... ignore what we know he WILL do... and vote for him anyway.

Boldt, of course, has been a disaster.  He's still in that psychotic, pissed-off at the world zone that resulted from getting his ass kicked by David Madore back in 2012, and all thanks to the RINOs around here who put all of their efforts into getting a Young Democrat-endorsed clown elected County Chair.

These same RINOs are pissed that yet ANOTHER RINO candidate (And face it, the pro-choice Englund up in the 45th is more to the left than Cleveland) lost... and that they lost power in the RINO-controlled state senate.

And local RINOs are pissed that I was right. And make no mistake: this isn't about "right" or "wrong," if that were the case, Crain would have jumped off a bridge considering the crap she's pulled.

No, this is about power: their lack of it.  And they didn't give a damn that they'd eventually lose the Senate as a result of their overt RINOism...  And that is exactly what happened.

They'll get over it.  That they support psychotic liars for office merely because of a label these clowns choose to use.... and that once elected, they'll lie, exaggerate and actively oppose the tenets of Republicanism once they get there?

Why, that's just the cherry on top.

Yesterday's debacle was, in large part, the result of bedrock Republicans staying home.  And they stayed home because these same RINOs failed to act like Republicans, failed to adhere to Republican ideals... and most importantly, failed to vote like Republicans.

RINO hissy-fits notwithstanding.

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