Thursday, November 09, 2017

New nick name for Davey Gellatly.

Another episode of "I got caught out as a liar" played itself out in SWWO, today, where Davey Gellatly did his best to distance himself from his strip club consulting buddy, Adrian Kallimanis.

You remember Adrian, right?  He was one of the numerous Gellatly Winged Monkeys that ol' Davey brought in to defend him... by attempting (and obviously failing) to discredit the numerous allegations against ol' Davey.

You know... the threats, the lies, the efforts at intimidation and humiliation and the like... just a tiny part of the reasons why this scum bag shouldn't be allowed to run an elevator, let alone a county political party.

Well, even though Gellatly brought that scumbag in, he wasn't all that pleased at the droppings he scattered around in Davey's name.

Davey's problem?  The internet never forgets... and the screen captures are gold when Davey starts lying again.

Here's a sample of his strip-club managing buddy... and why on earth would our sainted county chair be objectifying women by going to places like that?

And more interestingly, why aren't the women flocking around that stain so unconcerned about it?

Gellatly acted like he'd never heard of this clown.

Well, until I pointed out this:

And poof!  Within moments, the entire thread was gone... like it has never happened.

And that's when it occurred to me: the gutless worm of a county party chair needed a new nickname.

Not something dirty or offensive, though many such names apply to lowlife scum like Davey.  But something descriptive that fit him to a "T."

So, announcing the new nick name for the snake running the Clark County GOP like he, personally, owned it:

Davey Delete!

Kinda rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Like most cowards, he certainly doesn't want to stand by his words... particularly like today, when those words re-cemented his reputation of being both a liar... (Of course he knew the strip club manager) and the fact that this post by that guy, was a direct result of Davey Delete bringing him here... like the rest of his winged monkeys.... was in his support.

Davey HATES to be proven a liar... which happens, essentially, most every time he touches a keyboard.  He has deleted dozens of posts as a result of his complete lack of integrity, cowardess and low-life attitude that he's the kind and we're just peons.

Well, the new nick name will be a friendly reminder that people are paying attention to what this slimeball says and does.  And every time he lies... or threatens... or attempts to intimidate... he's going to get busted for it.

Strange that the RINOs don't seem to care that they've put someone who disrespects women so much... and lies so much... and threatens so much... and attempts to intimidate so much... in charge of a political party.

But hatred of conservatives can do that sort of thing, I suppose... because how else can you explain it?

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