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Local RINOs seem upset that I made Gellatly look like an idiot on the Englund race.

Look.  I get that some of the old, dementedly senile, politically ignorant types seem to be having a hissy fit that I nailed the race in the 45th District months ago.

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I tried to warn everyone.  Between her district demographics and the years-long betrayal of the RINO-controlled State Senate, the outcome was painfully obvious months ago.

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Now, the more clueless are acting as if the RINOs running the state senate DIDN'T jack up our gas tax and tab fees by billions, DIDN'T jack up our property taxes by billions and then LIE about it... DIDN'T approve a driver's license that cost much more for citizens than it did illegal aliens... DIDN'T pass a state version of the so-called Dream Act, granting illegals the right to in-state tuition while making them eligible for taxpayer-funded student aid when we didn't... and don't... have enough money to provide adequate aid for citizens, let alone those who legally aren't even allowed to live here.

They choose to forget all about years of RINO GOP efforts to depress the vote from the base... much like RINOs around here endorsed leftist democrats instead of conservatives.

But that's neither here nor there.  ANY of the consultants who even remotely believed Englund had a chance should refund every dime of the millions spent to drag that horse over the finish line in a district already lost to the left... long before the untimely demise of the late Sen. Andy Hill.

It wasn't rocket science: you had a district where both representatives were democrat and the GOP candidate got clobbered in the primary.  A blind cat could see it in a minute.

Our simple idiot of a GOP Chair tried to tell us that didn't mean anything... but, as he is in so many other aspects... his life... his politics.... his incompetent handling of the party... Davey Gellatly was flat, dead, wrong.

The numbers don't lie.  And you ignore them at your peril.

Now, of course, the lying RINOs are whining about increased taxes (like the GOP Senate DIDN'T increase taxes by billions?) and an income tax (like the GOP Senate DIDN'T implement an income tax to pay for their idiotic "paid family leave" stupidity?) as if the RINO-controlled Senate were paragons of conservative virtue instead of punks for the WEA, the democrats, and an out-of-control Supreme Court.

They whine about Reagan's so-called 80% rule, hypocritically failing to acknowledge that whenever the mood strikes THEM, they ignore it even MORE.

But then, frequently, to be a RINO is to BE a hypocrite.

There was no way... none... Englund was going to win.

Clearly, the GOP RINOs and liars were going to lose control over the senate and their cherished committees... even those like Rivers (assuming she doesn't switch parties... an altogether likely possibility) who were bending us over to the WEA even as she was hired by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm, Strategies 360.

And no... I am neither surprised... nor disappointed... that they lost as my professional judgment told me they were going to lose.

Had they kept their word... had they told the Supreme Court to drop dead on McCleary... had they not voted for GOP bills that looked like Jimmy Moeller wrote them... had they not screwed us over... and over... and over again... then yeah, I would have been upset about it.

As it is, there was far too little separating the two parties... and lacking any such difference, they also lacked any compelling reason to vote for them.

Lie enough... betray enough... out-democrat the democrats enough.... and this is what you get.

Using our two local lying Senators as an example?

It's also what they deserved.

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