Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Gelatly and Crain's involvement in Greene campaign guaranteed loss.

The moment I found out that incompetents like those were within 50 miles of Greene's effort, I knew he was doomed.

Gellatly, of course, has never ran for political office.  Carolyn Crain has been an abysmal candidate, much like she's been an abysmal PCO, every pathetic time she's tried... and there have been many times she's tried... and she's failed every time.

To win an election, you need to surround yourself with winners... or at least those who actually know people who've won.

The 49th is, as they say, Charlie's Country.  The GOP doesn't win here... and the turnout, when combined with the RINO-hatred of David Madore, is responsible for jamming the neo-communist charter down our collective throats.

Greene had a long putt to make to be sure.  But when I observed those who were primarily supporting him, months ago, I knew he had no chance.  When combined with the far-left tilt of the Vancouver Soviet, there was really no way to get past the "we're all going to die if the oil terminal is built" messaging so popular with the gullibles and the ignorant.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of in-kind contributions and campaign ads masquerading as newspaper articles, uniformly condemnatory covering a leftist district certainly makes for a leftist outcome.  Add the incompetence of the Bobbsey Twins... and, well, the result was a foregone conclusion.

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