Friday, November 17, 2017

As expected, even the GOP sell out on the budget wasn't enough for those slimeballs in the State Supreme Court.

As I've known all along, the question "when is enough, enough?" is ALWAYS going to be answered with "never" when it comes to the utter insanity of the legislature jumping through the hoop the supreme court held up with their fantasy McCleary ruling.

The Legislature, in fact, DOES have a "paramount duty."  But THAT duty is NOT to either the Supreme Court OR the WEA.

That duty is to US, The People.  And clearly, their duty was to tell the supreme court to go pound sand.

As it is, our property taxes are set to explode next year, lies of Sens. Wilson and Rivers notwithstanding.  Now, because these simple idiots failed to tell the court to simply drop dead, those taxes are going to blast off even higher.

This is a direct result of the cowardice and incompetence of Sen. Rivers and Sen. Wilson and their cronies who sold us out instead of doing the right thing.

Now, we'll dump additional billions down the WEA rabbit hole.  We'll dump these hundreds of millions down a union sewer with zero accountability measures, zero improvement measures, zero increased educational outcomes, zero reporting requirements... because, after all, these gutless idiots simply refused to ask US what WE wanted... and why would we even THINK to hold those scum accountable for  their educational outcomes?

They had so many other options besides caving: everything from defunding the court to reducing the number of seats ON the court, to actually legislatively DEFINING what the phrase "paramount duty" means in the state constitutional definition sense.

Instead, they gave their legislative authority and ability to those leftist mental midgets across the street.  And they even managed to screw THAT up.

Each and every number those morons shill is arbitrary.  NO number will assure success; if it did, Baltimore at more than $18,000 per student would be pumping out geniuses instead of functionally illiterate cretins who can't even read a bus schedule.

So now, we wait for the Legislature to rape our wallets once again... with zero improvement to show for it.

And when that happens... and it WILL happen... then what?

Do we get those wasted billions back?


Thanks to the RINOs in the Senate and here locally who made it all happen.

Aren't you proud?


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