Friday, November 17, 2017

US Congress: hypocrites all. Destroy Moore.... give Franken a pass.

For many well-known reasons, those attacking Moore have absolutely nothing going for themselves except a rabid left, a rabid conservative-hating RINO GOP leadership, and a rabid, conservative-hating media.

As I've previously written, the stupidity of the leadership for the GOP simply cannot be overstated.

Obviously, they would rather lose the seat in Alabama then support this candidate because he's clearly anti-establishment.

I'm reminded of a saying from the gloating then vice president of the Sierra Club after the Federal government destroyed the logging industry in this corner of the country over Spotted Owl "habitat."

"It's a good thing we had the Spotted Owl... because if we didn't, we'd have had to invent one," meaning some other animal that would have allowed them to crush the local economies of so many in the Northwestern United States.

That's what we're faced with here.

You know the RINOs running the GOP, both the RNC and the Senate, were high-fiving the crap out of each other when the story of these bogus allegations broke.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they originated out of Mitch's office.  It's the kind of poorly thought out, poorly executed crap they're known for.

And now, a democrat has multiple complaints, has admitted to and apologized for at least some of it and has photographic evidence to back at least one of the complaints.

And, we all know, that without that horrific picture, this scumbag would be singing an entirely different tune.

Then, we come to find out something on the order of 260 complaints have been paid off by the Treasury for the conduct of some of these clowns over the last 10 years.

I'm mystified as to why Congress doesn't release the names of those we've wasted some $17 million-plus of our money on.

And that they DON'T release those names?

Well, that tends to infer that it's plenty of men from BOTH sides of the aisle involved.

Franken, naturally, wants to buy time, so he supports an Ethics Committee investigation.  Then Oregon Senator Bobby Packwood, who even *I* knew had a reputation for this sort of thing before he finally got busted, was able to stall his departure for three years... the Ethics investigation itself took a year and then Packwood hung on for another two.

The actual evidence against Franken is there for all to see.  The actual evidence against Moore is practically non-existent, save for the efforts of democrat/RINO operatives and the made up evidence, easily discredited, of a high school year book.

To those names should be added the names behind the 268 complaints Congress is hiding.

And once again, our clueless congresswoman is nowhere to be found.

She had no problem running off at the mouth when her target was now-President Trump.  Why is she so quiet about this now?  And why has she BEEN so quiet about this during the 7 years she's been our waste of a congresswoman?

Cat got her tongue?  She had SO much to say back then. 


Not so much.

Thanks, Jaime.

For nothing.

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