Friday, November 17, 2017

Paging Larry Hoff... paging Larry Hoff.

I left the following questions at what appears to be Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' puppet, to see what he's actually made of.

So far... no response.

Not that I expected one.


Hi, Larry. Tell me: would you have voted for the gas tax/tab fee increase? Would you have supported the emergency clause? Would you have opposed a referendum clause like Sen. Rivers?

Would you have voted yes on the last budget, particularly without adding any teacher accountability measures? How would you have voted on the State Dream Act legislation? How would you have voted on the two-tiered driver's license legislation?

I note that Senator Rivers is a big cheerleader for you. Can we expect you to keep your campaign pledges, unlike Sen. Rivers, who pledged, in writing, to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases and then proceeded to hang a $700 million tax bill around the people of Clark County when the time came to vote?

Can we expect you to sell us out on the CRC like most of the people in that spiffy little endorsement video?

Can we expect you to change YOUR mind on your promises when it's based on a "business decision?"

Can we expect you to lie to us on the upcoming massive property tax increase we face next year like both Sen. Wilson and Sen. Rivers lied to us over what we face next year as a result of Rivers and Wilson selling us out on the last budget?

In short, are you going to vote your district like Rep. Pike? Or are you going to vote the special interests and screw us like Sen. Rivers? And if you're going to vote your district, then how on earth did you get Rivers to endorse you since she wouldn't be caught dead voting the way the people she "represents" wants?

And just out of curiosity, what did you promise these people to get their endorsements? I'm sure they didn't just pick you out of a phone book for this gig... and I'm sure there is a quid-pro-quo.

So, tell us... inquiring minds want to know. Or are you going to be like Sen. Rivers and refuse to respond to this constituent's communications merely because she doesn't like my efforts to hold her accountable for her multiple betrayals to me personally and her district specifically? Or are you going to be your own man... and actually do what your title suggests... and REPRESENT US?

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